[R] Good news about my problem

=?gb2312?B?1qPkvw==?= zhengqi04 at mails.gucas.ac.cn
Fri Sep 23 11:36:30 CEST 2005

Greetings, Mr Bivand and all the other authors,

I'm glad to say that there are some encouraging advances in my debugging progress. Thanks to Mr Brivand, I could check the packages installed on my oparation system. I have found that I have only one of the two font files installed-'xorg-x11-75dpi-fonts' installed and left the other one. So I have it ('xorg-x11-100dpi-fonts') installed and then do those checks again. Howerver, nothing is changed after installing. Inspired by your advice, I searched for any packages related to 'X11' and 'font', and have them all installed accompained with those that they related to. For details, I installed 'xorg-x11-cyrillic-fonts-6.7.0-3mdk','libxorg-x11-static-devel' whose name contains the word 'devel' and some other packages they related to.
After doing all of these installation, I re-check the problem. Although I cannot pass the check command 'make check' nor can I find the file 'graphics-Ex.Rout', I can complete the demo command 'demo(graphics)' successfully! How happy I am! 

To ensure my conclusion, I will paste the last few lines of messages displayed after running the command 'demo(graphics)' below: Could try check it for me please?
 "> usr <- par("usr")

> rect(usr[1], usr[3], usr[2], usr[4], col = "green3")

> contour(x, y, volcano, levels = l, col = "yellow",
    lty = "solid", add = TRUE)

> box()

> title("A Topographic Map of Maunga Whau", font = 4)

> title(xlab = "Meters North", ylab = "Meters West",
    font = 3)

> mtext("10 Meter Contour Spacing", side = 3, line = 0.35,
    outer = FALSE, at = mean(par("usr")[1:2]), cex = 0.7, font = 3)

> par(bg = "cornsilk")

> coplot(lat ~ long | depth, data = quakes, pch = 21,
    bg = "green3")
press<return>for next graphic:

> par(opar)"

Thanks to your advice, I can display graphics correctly. And I am waiting for your further advice or suggestion to dealing with my problems. 

Thank you very much! Best wishes to everone!
                                               Sincerely yours,
					       An Chinese

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