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Duncan Temple Lang duncan at wald.ucdavis.edu
Sat Sep 24 04:09:14 CEST 2005

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Jan Hummel wrote:
> Thank you Seth  and Duncan for your input! 
>>BTW, do you have a schema for the XML document you are working on?
> Yes, a schema is available here
> http://psidev.sourceforge.net/ms/xml/mzdata/mzdata.xsd
> Informations around mzData xml format are available here
> http://psidev.sourceforge.net/ms/#mzdata


> Next question I want to come up with: is there a way to validate xml
> again a schema or a dtd while parsing using xmlEventParse()?

I dug around in the libxml code and the Web to verify that validation
is indeed only possible in libxml when one uses DOM (i.e. xmlTreeParse()).
Do you really need to validate the input? Given the size of the source,
it must be created automatically and so I tend to think it is either
correct or not, but that errors will be found with the creation

BTW, there is a new version of the XML package on the Omegahat web site.
It has several new features, including a function to find nodes via
XPath expressions, SAX2 support, recursive support for

> cheers
> 	Jan

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