[R] make check in ~/fem outputs only 1 test, huh ?

Courtney Thomas ccthomas at joimail.com
Tue Sep 27 19:16:11 CEST 2005

fem-4.0.1 [and all the other modules, except post] compiles OK, AFAIK,
but when I do a 

make check 

only 1 test is reported, as follows:

making check	src
making check	view3d
making check	viewaxis
making check	tests

make check-TESTS
$ELMER_HOME undefined, setting it to ../src
CC: no input files specified
test: unexpected operator
Tests completed, passed: 0 out of total 0 tests 
PASS: runtests
All 1 tests passed

As I understand it, about 50 tests should have been run. What's wrong
and how do I fix it, please ?


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