[R] Descriptive statistics for tables

DAVID CAMACHO opa04 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 30 16:12:38 CEST 2005

Thanks for your response,

What I need is extremely simple. And I suppose there
are so many way to do it.
But as I have so many files to do it, I am looking for
the simplest way (if possible)

What I meant was that I have tables with the same
numbers of rows and columns, (square form, should I
say?) like:



But I have hundreds of this onces, (bigger once).
Every one of this tables have the same size (columns,
rows). And I want to obtain the sd, z-score, and
p-value for the position [1,1], [1,2]....
[2,1],[2,2]... etc etc. That is, to obtain a table
with some simple descriptive statistics about all this
I have try different methods, but I am no familiar
with R. (by the way, I could not find the way to do
loops with R)
Any suggestion is welcome.

--- Berton Gunter <gunter.berton at gene.com> wrote:

> I don't know what a "quadratic, same size" table is
> or what you mean. If you
> do not get a satisfactory reply I suggest:
> 1. Read and follow the posting guide at the end of
> this message.
> 2. In particular, provide a simple, reproducible
> example to show what you
> want to do and perhaps any error messages that you
> may have received.
> -- Bert Gunter
> Genentech Non-Clinical Statistics
> South San Francisco, CA
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> > 
> > I have a lot (more than one hundred) of files with
> tables of 
> > the same kind (quadratic, same size) and I want to
> obtain 
> > some statistics for every position on them.
> Therefore, as a 
> > result I want another table. I import every table,
> and create 
> > an object read.table for it, then I have try to
> create a 
> > list or a data frame and directly utilize some
> functions 
> > like sd( ) without success, because it calculate
> sd for the 
> > columns . Which kind of object should I create
> in order to 
> > utilize directly this kind of functions?  Should I
> program it 
> > throw for loops?
> > 
> > David
> > 

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