[R] questions on plotting dedrograms

scheidler scheidler at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Thu Aug 3 15:56:43 CEST 2006


i've two questions concerning the plot of a dendrogram. first, i use 
hclust for clustering and if i plot the dendrogram, then the maximal 
height is the maximal dissimilarity found in my data. but i want to have 
a arbitary maximal height. for example if the maximal dissimilarity in 
my data is 50 and i want a height of 100, the plot should be compressed 
by 1/2 and the line to the root node should be as long as the rest of 
the plot. How can i do that ? (i want to use it for comparing 2 
clusterings with the same maximal possible dissimilarity)
The other question is, how can i plot the dendrogram horizontal, but 
with the root node to the right ?

thx for your efford
alexander scheidler

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