[R] plotting picture data

Gichangi, Anthony anthony at stat.sdu.dk
Fri Aug 4 15:12:36 CEST 2006

Hi R users

I have a dataset which represents points that are market by patients as the
source of pain.
Basically the patients indicates by a cross on a chest pictures where he/she
thinks is the
source of pain. The data was then digitalized by divinding the chest into
small squares and each
square was give value 1 if it was the center 2 if it was touched by the
markings and 3 if it was not
touched.  I would like to plot this data on the chest like graph showing the
intesities of different
points and later stratify the grouping variables to see the difference.

Has anybody got an idea how I can go around this ?

Help is highly appreciated.


Anthony Gichangi, M. sc.
Department of Statistics.
JB. Winsløvej 9B,
DK 5000 Odense C.
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