[R] expression() - Superscript in y-axis, keeping line break in string

Andrew Kniss akniss at uwyo.edu
Fri Aug 4 17:47:06 CEST 2006

I've tried several different ways to accomplish this, but as yet to no
avail.  My y-axis for a plot has a rather long label, and thus I have
been using "/n" to break it into two lines.  However, to make it
technically correct for publication, I also need to use superscript in
the label.  For example:

          ylab="14C-glyphosate line1\n line2")

will provide the text in two lines as I would like it.  However, I am
trying to keep those same line breaks when using expression() to get my
superscript number.  This will not work, as it aligns the "14C" section
with the bottom line of the expression making little sense to the

          ylab=expression(" "^14*C*"-glyphosate line1\n line2"))

Is there a way to align the "14C" portion of the expression with the top
line of the string rather than the bottom line?  Any suggestions are
greatly appreciated.

Andrew Kniss
Assistant Research Scientist
University of Wyoming 
Department of Plant Sciences

akniss at uwyo.edu
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