[R] graphic output file format

Stefan Grosse stefan.grosse at uni-erfurt.de
Thu Aug 10 19:00:08 CEST 2006

Please mail always also to the list, since it may be that there is
someone who could reply better and/or faster.

Especially in this case since I am only experienced in M$ Windows and
Linux so I am unable to guess whats wrong with OSX. does not even the
postscript device work? With postscript I get the best quality for printing.

postscript("test.eps", width = 8.0, height = 6.0, horizontal = FALSE,
onefile =FALSE, paper = "special")

Conan Phelan schrieb:
> Thanks for the feedback and link Stefan,
> Perhaps if I provide a little more background. (Pls
> forgive both my ignorance and my long windedness.)
>  I am on Mac OSX and am only able to load the Quartz
> graphic device (is that normal?). From quartz, I've
> only been able to generate pdf files, which do not
> match the quartz display to my satisfaction. I've been
> attempting to find a way to generate other output
> files for comparison. (I've managed to generate a bmp
> file that looked awful, after acquiring Gostscript). 
> Anyway, I figure R must able to produce high quality
> graphic outputs, so I'm trying different things. To
> this end I was hoping that the GDD package would allow
> me to load the x11 module but it seems to be a no-go
> (is there some system requirement I'm missing?).
> Conan

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