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Wed Aug 16 22:49:00 CEST 2006

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Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> Yes, see
> ?jpeg
> ?bitmap
> and as you didn't tell us your OS we don't know if these are available to 
> you.
> jpeg(file="test.jpg")
> boxplot(sample(100))
> dev.off()
> may well work.
> 'An Introduction to R' explains about graphics devices, including these.
> On Wed, 16 Aug 2006, Lothar Botelho-Machado wrote:
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>> R Help Mailing List,
>> I'd like to generate a plot that I could display and/or store it as e.g.
>> jpeg. But unfortunately always a plotting window opens. Is it possible
>> to prevent that?
>> I tried the following:
>> R> bp<-boxplot( sample(100), plot=FALSE)
>> This works somehow, but it only stores data (as discribed in the help)
>> in bp and it is not possible afaik to display bp later on or store them
>> as a jpeg.
>> The next:
>> R> p<-plot(sample(100), sample(100), plot=FALSE)
>> ..and also a variant using jpeg() didn't work at all.
>> Is there a way to generally store the plots as object, without
>> displaying them, or perhaps directly saving them to disc as jpeg?
>> A "Yes" or "No" or any further help/links are appreciated!!!

Thank you for the explanation and your patience in answering me this
obviously very simple question!!

Originally I tried to store plots directly in a list. So writing them
directly to disc was just a good alternative. I knew that that jpeg()
provides functionality for that, but didn't use it correctly.

Hence, is it also possible to store a plot in a list, somehow?

Kind regards,
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