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Dear Julie,

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> Dear list,
> I 'd like to know if it is possible to delete my text window 
> after running it??
> I have add a Menu to my text window and so i can for example 
> open a script; then i run it and i have my result on my R console.
> But i'd like that after running, the code disappears 
> automatically. i d'like something that clean my text window.

I think that what you mean is that you'd like to delete the text in the
window rather than the window itself. If the text widget is called txt, then
you can do 

tkdelete(txt, "0.0", "end") 

> I have a second problem:
> My text window and all my widgets are not fixed:
> I use combo box, message box...and it always moves, it 
> appears on the right of my screen, on the bottom..or on the 
> bar tasks. I d'like my text window not move at all and after 
> if it's possible that my widgets appear on the same place on my sreen.
> When they appear on the bottom on my tasks bar, i have to 
> open it each time...

If the top-level Tk window is named top, then, after creating the window,
e.g., tkwm.geometry(tt, "-100+100") will position it 100 pixels 100 pixels
from the right top corner of the display.

More generally, I found it useful to read Welch, Jones, and Hobbs, Practical
Programming in Tcl and Tk, to learn these kinds of things.

I hope this helps,

> Thanks a lot.
> Julie.
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