[R] Rgraphviz fails to load

Michael Kubovy kubovy at virginia.edu
Thu Aug 17 22:53:24 CEST 2006

Dear r-helpers,

Can anyone suggest a remedy to the following failure of Rgraphviz to  

 > library(Rgraphviz)
Loading required package: graph
Loading required package: Ruuid
Error in dyn.load(x, as.logical(local), as.logical(now)) :
	unable to load shared library '/Library/Frameworks/R.framework/ 
libs/ppc/Rgraphviz.so, 6): Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libpng. 
   Referenced from: /usr/local/lib/graphviz/libgvc.2.dylib
   Reason: image not found
Error: .onLoad failed in 'loadNamespace' for 'Rgraphviz'
Error: package/namespace load failed for 'Rgraphviz'

Version 2.3.1 (2006-06-01)

attached base packages:
[1] "utils"     "methods"   "stats"     "graphics"  "grDevices"  
"datasets"  "base"

other attached packages:
      graph      Ruuid        JGR     JavaGD      rJava       MASS     
   "1.10.6"   "1.10.0"    "1.4-4"    "0.3-4"    "0.4-5" "7.2-27.1"   

Professor Michael Kubovy
University of Virginia
Department of Psychology
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