[R] Protection stack overflow

Paul Koufalas pkoufalas at adam.com.au
Sat Aug 19 15:53:44 CEST 2006

Thanks for your reply, Prof Ripley.

I tried the --max-ppsize option and now ROctave (R embedded in Octave)
no longer produces the protection stack overflow error I was seeing with
the default.

Specifically, in the file RinOctave.cc, in the function initialize(), I
put in the --max-ppsize option as follows:

        const char * const DefaultArgs[] =

where 100000 is the maximum I found I can use with R 2.1.1.


Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

>R has a command-line option to set the ppstack size,
> --max-ppsize=N        Set max size of protect stack to N
>Looks like you need to supply this (and it can be done with embedded R)
>if the problem persists with current R.

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