[R] test the tcltk package

Adrian Dusa dusa.adrian at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 14:06:09 CEST 2006

Dear all,

Could anybody using (K)ubuntu (or Linux in general) confirm if this is a 
general problem or it's just my box?
The problem relates to the Options window in the Rcmdr package (which it looks 
fine in John Fox's Quantian). The last option (Default font) is stubborn and 
won't be set; it behaves strangely (e.g. I type 3 and it appears 2).
This options should have a button to drag left and right, but in my 
configuration this is missing; at this link you can see how it looks like:

What should I do to test if the R tcltk package works fine?

I have R 2.3.1, tcl and tk version 8.4 (dev packages installed as well).

Thanks in advance,

Adrian Dusa
Romanian Social Data Archive
1, Schitu Magureanu Bd
050025 Bucharest sector 5
Tel./Fax: +40 21 3126618 \
          +40 21 3120210 / int.101

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