[R] how to get a histogram of an POSIXct vector ?

Peter.Marx at knorr-bremse.com Peter.Marx at knorr-bremse.com
Wed Aug 23 13:06:14 CEST 2006


search on web indicates that R also includes a hist method on POSIXct

My (perhaps too unexperienced) approach below yields an error.

Could somebody give me a hint what's wrong ?


> str(samples)
`data.frame':   7500 obs. of  1 variable:
 $ DateTime:'POSIXct', format: chr  "2006-07-20 00:10:08" "2006-07-20
00:11:17" "2006-07-20 00:11:23" 

Error in hist.default(samples) : 'x' must be numeric

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