[R] Lattice symbol size and legend margins

Gattuso, Jean-Pierre gattuso2 at obs-vlfr.fr
Thu Aug 24 18:30:39 CEST 2006


I am using the following command:

xyplot(dat6$CO3*1e6 ~ dat6$irradiance, data=dat6, group=ref,
	xlab=list(label=expression(paste("Irradiance (", mu, "mol photons", 
m^"-2", " ", s^"-1", ")")), cex=1.3),
	ylab=list(label=expression(paste("Carbonate concentration (x ", 10^"6", 
" ", kg^"-1", ")")) , cex=1.3),
	scales = list(x = list(cex=1.1), y = list(cex=1.1)),
	trellis.par.set(plot.symbol = list(cex=2)),
	layout=c(1, 1),
	auto.key = list(cex=1.2, between=4, space="right", border=T)

And get the following error:

	Error in multiple && !outer : invalid 'x' type in 'x && y'

I know it comes from the trellis.par.set command: I am unable to find 
the right syntax.

A second question: I am adjusting the left and right margins between the 
text of the legend and the border using "between". How can I control the 
top and bottom margins?


Jean-Pierre Gattuso

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