[R] Firefox extension fo "R Site Search"

Romain Francois rfrancois at mango-solutions.com
Mon Aug 28 08:23:28 CEST 2006

Dear useRs,

Search for your R routines directly from Firefox!
 >> http://addictedtor.free.fr/rsitesearch

Mango Solutions, providers of R and S-Plus consulting, application 
development and training, are happy to announce the first release of the 
R Site Search extension for Mozilla Firefox. This extension enables you 
to search from Jonathan Baron's R Site Search 
(http://search.r-project.org) in a convenient way.

It will enable you to conveniently browse or search the content of the 
packages listed in Jon's server.
Browsing is arranged in a 'package/documentation file' tree. Each hit is 
accompanied with a small icon which highlights the type of found object. 
This is useful as you can quickly find which page is refers to a 
dataset, clustering, time series etc...

Searching builds a new tree transparently on http://search.r-project.org 
and it shows only the relevant pages which may be viewed from the tree 
itself. Additionally the extension handles filters on the package names. 
Some examples are given on the homepage but I'm sure there are already 
regex-friendly people around with more ideas!

Comments, Feedbacks, Contributions, ... are always more than welcome.


rfrancois at mango-solutions.com

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