[R] Bioconductor installation errors

Seth Falcon sfalcon at fhcrc.org
Tue Aug 29 17:32:17 CEST 2006

"Ge, Weigong*" <weigong.ge at fda.hhs.gov> writes:

> Hello,
> I follow the Bioconductor instruction (http://www.bioconductor.org/download
> <http://www.bioconductor.org/download> ) to install Biocoductor, there have
> some errors: 

Please post questions about Bioconductor to the bioconductor mailing


> /usr/lib/R/bin/SHLIB: line 115: make: command not found

Your system (Linux?) is missing very basic development tools.  It
seems you have no make program installed.  Such a program, among many
others, is required to build R packages from source.  Try to install
system packages for software development (C complier, etc).

+ seth

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