[R] Attempt at package documentation on debian: link to "data.frame" broken

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Mon Dec 3 13:13:49 CET 2007

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

> So you are talking about the HTML conversion of your help (.Rd) file?
> (Links appear in other versions too.)
> The HTML links are intended to be used via help.start(), not directly, and
> I think you find it actually points to ../../base/html/data.frame.html,
> which is correct for use from help.start.  (You are probably quoting your
> browser's intepretation of a relative URL.)
Yes. I'm actually using (the really nice) rkward, which calls the html-help
pages upon "?<something>". May this be specific to that usage ... now that
I'm looking deeper into this I find that rkward actually tells me:
Using non-linked HTML file: style sheet and hyperlinks may be incorrect
- which is what happens ... how to switch to "linked HTML file"?

> Note what the documentation says:
>    There are two other forms of optional argument specified as
>    \link[pkg]{foo} and \link[pkg:bar]{foo} to link to the package pkg, to
>    files foo.html and bar.html respectively. These are rarely needed,
>    perhaps to refer to not-yet-installed packages (but there the
>    HTML help system  will resolve the link at run time) or in the normally
>    undesirable event that more than one package offers help on a topic
>    (in which case the present package has precedence so this is only
>    needed to refer to other packages).
> So unless you define data.frame() in your package, you don't need this
> form.
I see. This was actually part of the desperate attempt to find a solution to
this wrong link target issue. I'm using a plain "\link(data.frame)" now

Thanks, Joh

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