[R] Why is the program too slow?

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Mon Dec 3 14:49:46 CET 2007

zhang jian wrote:
> Hi,everyone.
> I use the following program calculates Fisher's alpha from counts of
> individuals and species. The program is wrote by Prof. Kyle Harm.
> However, when I run the program, it can work very quickly sometimes, but
> it can not work very well sometimes. It depends on the counts of
> individuals and species.
> For example,
>> calc.alpha(1000,70)
> [1] 17.14375
>> calc.alpha(10000,70)
> [1] 10.15460
>> calc.alpha(100,7)
> [1] 1.714375
> But,
>> calc.alpha(1580,30)
>> calc.alpha(1000,7)
> It is very slow.
> So, what is the problem?
> Thanks very much.
>                                                       Jian Zhang

Don't know, but I would try out the alternatives fisherfit [vegan package]
and fisher [untb package] and see if either behaves better (it was faster
for me to look these up than to dig through the code and see what's
going on for these examples).

   You could also try contacting Prof. Harms [sic] and asking him ...

    Ben Bolker

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