[R] R CMD Build feature searches or requests

Johannes Graumann johannes_graumann at web.de
Thu Dec 6 09:54:23 CET 2007


I'm missing two features in "R CMD build":
1) Easy building of Windows/zip packaged package version alongside the
*nix-style *.tar.gz.
Right now I'm doing a scripted version of 
        R CMD build <PACKAGE>
        mkdir tmp
        cp -r /usr/local/lib/R/site-library/<PACKAGE> tmp/<PACKAGE>
        cd tmp
        mv *.zip ..
        cd ..
        rm -rf tmp
I was wondering whether it wouldn't be helpfull to others maintaining
packages not requiring genuine cross-compilation (only containing R code)
to deal with this via an option to "R CMD build". Something
like '-zip-package' might do it ...
2) My scripted solution right now also automatically increments version
numbers and adjusts dates in <PACKAGE>/man/<PACKAGE>-package.Rd and
<PACKAGE>/DESCRIPTION, ensuring progressing and continuous package naming.
Would be nice to have an "R CMD build"-option to take care of that too ...

Please let me know what you think or where to find the functionality in case
I overlooked it.

Thanks, Joh

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