[R] Using panel.densityplot with stripplot

Christopher Oezbek oezbek at inf.fu-berlin.de
Thu Dec 6 10:15:17 CET 2007

Hi Deepayan!
   thank you! panel.violin with the following modification works as I want:

grid.polyline(x = dx.list[[i]], y = dy.list[[i]], ...

instead of

grid.polygon(x = c(dx.list[[i]], rev(dx.list[[i]])),
                 y = c(dy.list[[i]], -rev(dy.list[[i]])), ...

>>  From examples I would have thought I would need to do...
> What examples?

The examples for writing your own panel functions. I was not aware that  
there were different expectations regarding arguments.

> panel.stripplot and panel.densityplot have entirely
> different expectations about what the y-range of the panel is going to
> be, and they cannot be mixed.

But is there a technical reason for making this distinction? It seemed to  
me that most panel functions can deal with x and y parameters and that  
panel.densityplot could make use of the same mechanisms as panel.violin to  
subdivide based on factor y.

Again many thanks for the fast response,

Christopher Oezbek
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