[R] R and TeraData

Warren Van Camp wvancamp at ebay.com
Tue Dec 4 22:59:36 CET 2007

Vadim Kutsyy wrote:
> Does anyone know a way to connect from R on Linux box to TeraData 
> server?  I can use ODBC connection on Windows box, but with amount of 
> data I need (and prefer) to use large Linux box.
> Thanks,
> Vadim

You indicate that the ODBC connection to Teradata on Windows is working for
you.  This may be a newbie question, but I'm not getting beyond an
apparently successful connection to the Teradata...

> odbcGetInfo(odw)
             DBMS_Name               DBMS_Ver        Driver_ODBC_Ver 
            "Teradata"          "06.02.0205  V2R"             "03.52" 
          Data_Source_Name        Driver_Name             Driver_Ver 
             "ODW"                "TDATA32.DLL"          "" 
           ODBC_Ver                   Server_Name 
          "03.52.0000"               "********" 
> getSqlTypeInfo()
                               double integer    character      logical
MySQL                          double integer varchar(255)   varchar(5)
ACCESS                         DOUBLE INTEGER VARCHAR(255)   varchar(5)
Microsoft.SQL.Server            float     int varchar(255)   varchar(5)
PostgreSQL                     float8    int4 varchar(255)   varchar(5)
Oracle               double precision integer varchar(255) varchar(255)
SQLite                         double integer varchar(255)   varchar(5)
EXCEL                          NUMBER  NUMBER VARCHAR(255)      LOGICAL
DBASE                         Numeric Numeric    Char(254)      Logical

> getSqlTypeInfo("TDATA32.DLL")

> odw_driver <- odbcGetInfo(odw)
> getSqlTypeInfo(odw_driver)
Error in typesR2DBMS[[driver]] : no such index at level 1

> sqlTables(odw)
Error in iconv(data[[i]], from = enc) : invalid 'from' argument
In addition: Warning message:
closing unused RODBC handle 1 

> sqlQuery(odw,"select top 10 * from odw_prs_v.pool")
Error in iconv(query, to = enc) : invalid 'to' argument

Apparently there are some data conversion errors... do data types need to be
established first?  Any other ideas what's missing?

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