[R] Question re: RWinEdt conflicting with my WinEdt

Elizabeth Purdom epurdom at stat.Berkeley.EDU
Mon Dec 10 20:11:30 CET 2007


This is a question regarding the RWinEdt package for R. I have WinEdt 
5.5, RWinEdt 1.7-9, and R 2.6.0 on WindowsXP.

Somehow my configuration or start up files between RWinEdt and WinEdt 
are getting confused. Usually when I open either one, the last files I 
was working on *with that program* are opened automatically. So if I 
last used mydoc.tex in WinEdt and myprogram.R in RWinEdt those would 
open in the appropriate programs and there was no mixing up of the file 
lists between the two. But in the last month or so (and I don't think 
I've updated anything) whatever files I was last working with on either 
one show up. So if close WinEdt and then open RWinEdt, mydoc.tex shows 
up instead of myprogram.R, and vice versa. I assume some kind of 
initialization files have been moved or deleted, so they are borrowing 
from each other, but I don't know how to fix this and it's quite 
annoying. This is the case whether I start RWinEdt within R, or from a 
shortcut on my desktop with no interface with R.

Thanks for any help,
Elizabeth Purdom

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