[R] lattice: placing y-axis labels on right-hand side of panel when relation="sliced"

John G. Bullock john.bullock at aya.yale.edu
Mon Dec 10 17:56:01 CET 2007

>        I'm using lattice to create a multi-panel figure.  I would like
> to draw each panel's y-axis ticks and labels on the right-hand
> side of the panel.  Ordinarily, I would do this by specifying
> scales=list(y=list(draw=T, alternating=2)).  But in this case, I am
> using relation="sliced" to determine the y-axis limits.  So
> "alternating" is ignored.  Is there any way -- short of using grid
> functions -- to place the y-axis ticks and labels on the right-hand
> sides of these panels?

panel.axis() is what I had in mind.

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