[R] Getting estimates from survfit.coxph

Mark Wardle mark at wardle.org
Mon Dec 10 23:35:37 CET 2007

Can't ask for more than that!

Many many thanks for making all these tools available. I wince when I
see my colleagues struggling with SPSS or SAS! R and the bundled and
third-party libraries have saved me an inordinate amount of time and

Best wishes,


On 10/12/2007, Terry Therneau <therneau at mayo.edu> wrote:
>   The problem will be fixed in the next resease of the survival code.  (That is,
> it is fixed on our local version of R).  The summary.survfit result now includes
> an element 'table' containing the matrix that is shown by print.survfit.
>         Terry
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