[R] error trying to load biOps under 2.6.1 running XP

Matias Bordese mbordese at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 13:53:50 CET 2007

On Dec 11, 2007 5:11 AM, Prof Brian Ripley <ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk> wrote:
> On Mon, 10 Dec 2007, Brian O'Gorman wrote:
> > I'm running R 2.6.1 on a WXP machine. When I do the following I get an error
> > message.
> >
> >> library(biOps)
> > Error in dyn.load(file, ...) :
> > unable to load shared library
> > 'C:/PROGRA~1/R/R-26~1.1/library/biOps/libs/biOps.dll':
> > LoadLibrary failure:  The specified module could not be found.
> > Error: package/namespace load failed for 'biOps'
> >
> > Please help, or comments about what I'm doing wrong? (It seems to me the
> > correct directory or folder isn't being located.)
> That message should also have given a message box with more information,
> saying what the problem was: it does not usually mean the 'shared library'
> named.  It does for me:
> 'The application failed to start because libfftw3-3.dll was not found.'
> Other DLLs are also missing: jpeg62.dll and libtiff3.dll (use pedump to
> find this out).  So you need to use Google to find those DLLs and put them
> on your PATH.

As described, the problem seems to be you don't have all the necessary
libraries installed.

You should install the libtiff and libjpeg library binaries. You can
get them from http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/tiff.htm and
http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/jpeg.htm. You also must check
that the binaries of the libraries are installed in a directory in
your PATH environment variable.

You also need to have libfftw3 installed on your system. You can get
it from ftp://ftp.fftw.org/pub/fftw/fftw-3.1.2-dll.zip, and as with
the other libraries, you should add it to your PATH variable too.

> You also need to read
> http://cran.r-project.org/bin/windows/contrib/2.6/ReadMe
> and suggest to Uwe Ligges what he adds a note about this (it applies to
> SoPhy for libtiff3.dll as well).

Yes, I guess we should add a note.

I hope you get it to work, and no doubt in asking what you need.
Matías Bordese.

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