[R] OS-dependent behaviour of strucchange?

Michael Lundholm michael.lundholm at ne.su.se
Wed Dec 12 15:07:30 CET 2007

Using the following code:


(where the the data file can be downloaded from
www.ne.su.se/~mlu/downloads/y.rda) I have a problem replicating
identical plots on different implementations of R for different
operating systems; I get completely different results under Debian Linux
compared to Windows XP.

I have tested three different Windows XP desktops running R 2.6.1 (one)
or 2.6.0 (two) and two different Debian Linux desktops running R 2.6.1. 
In all cases strucchange was version 1.3-2. The Windows desktops all
produced the same result (see the file windows.ps available at the same
address as the data). The Linux desktops also all produced identical
results (the file linux.ps also on the same address) although this was
different from that produced by the Windows desktops. Testing the
different desktops we made sure that we used exactly the same code and
data files.

Completely lost about the possible cause and therefore grateful for any

/Michael Lundholm

Docent Michael Lundholm

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