[R] convergence error code in mixed effects models

Ilona Leyer ileyer at yahoo.de
Thu Dec 13 23:15:31 CET 2007

Dear All,
I want to analyse treatment effects with time series
data:  I measured e.g. leaf number (five replicate
plants) in relation to two soil pH - after 2,4,6,8
weeks. I used mixed effects models, but some analyses
didn´t work. It seems for me as if this is a randomly
occurring problem since sometimes the same model works
sometimes not.

An example:
> names(test)
[1] "rep"    "treat"  "leaf"   "week"  
> library (lattice)
> library (nlme)
> test<-groupedData(leaf~week|rep,outer=~treat,test)
> model<-lme(leaf~treat,random=~leaf|rep)
Error in lme.formula(leaf~ treat, random = ~week|rep)
        nlminb problem, convergence error code = 1;
message = iteration limit reached without convergence

Has anybody an idea to solve this problem?


Ilona Leyer
Conservation Biology
University of Marburg
e-mail: ileyer at yahoo.de

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