[R] Help! - boxcox transformations

Peter Dunn dunn at usq.edu.au
Fri Dec 14 03:02:59 CET 2007

> I am trying to detrend and transform variables to achieve
> normality and stationarity (for time series use, namely spectral
> analysis). I am using the boxcox transformations.
> As my dataset contains zeros, I found I need to add a constant to
> it in order to run "boxcox". 

If your data are continuous with exact zeros, and contain a lot of 
zeros, no transformation may help.  You simply map a stack of zeros 
to some other value.  Box--Cox transforms are not really designed 
for this.

If your data really is continuous with exact zeros, other options 
exist such as hurdle models, Tweedie glms (package  tweedie) and so 


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