[R] R memory limits and good memory management

Chad R. Bhatti bhatticr at tulane.edu
Sat Dec 15 20:52:44 CET 2007


I am not fluent in computer hardware or software development so I will try 
to be as precise as I can.  I am going to build some R routines to analyze 
large intraday financial data sets.  For this project I think that I 
need be concerned 
about R memory limits and good memory management/practices.  The following 
R help 
page states that the limit on individual objects (a vector) is around 200 
million elements.


What about data frames? And I suppose that I need to be aware of the 
objects in the working memory (overwrite as many objects as possible)?

Note, I am new to the issue of good memory management.  Any specific 
details on R memory and good practical advice are welcomed.


Chad R. Bhatti

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