[R] levelplot border and dendrogram width

Paul Boutros paul.boutros at utoronto.ca
Sun Dec 16 23:13:36 CET 2007


I'm trying to learn how to use lattice and levelplot in particular.   
There are three elements of customizing the plots I'm stuck with:

a) Is there a way to put borders around each "cell" within a  
level-plot.  I'm trying to do something like the  
colsep/rowsep/sepcolor/sepwidth parameters of heatmap.2 in gplots

b) Can I alter the line-width of dendrogram added to the levelplot  
using latticeExtra?

c) Can I alter the spacing between the dendrogram and a row of  
coloured rectanges added to a dendrogram using the add option?

The basic code-example that I've been trying to tweak is below, any  
suggestions and hints are very much welcome!!  In particular, I'm not  
sure where to find documentation on parameters for these, so hints on  
where to look would be great!



tmp <- rnorm(100);
tmp <- matrix(data = tmp, nrow = 10, ncol = 10);

dd.row <- as.dendrogram( hclust( dist( tmp ) ) );

	tmp[order.dendrogram(dd.row), ],
	aspect = "fill",
	scales = list(
		x = list(rot = 90)
	colorkey = list(
		space = "left"
	legend = list(
		top = list(
			fun = dendrogramGrob,
			args = list(
				x = dd.row,
				ord = order.dendrogram(dd.row),
				side = "top",
				add = list(
					rect = list(
						col = "black",
						fill = c(
							rep("blue", 5),
						lwd = 3
					type = "rectangle"
				size.add = 1,
				size = 10,
				type = "rectangle"

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