[R] rcom close Excel problem

stephen bond stenka1 at go.com
Mon Dec 17 15:35:50 CET 2007

Thank you, getobject is a roundabout, but solves the issue. BTW I 
discovered that

 system("taskkill /f /im Excel.exe") # kills the process just fine.

The second problem is not due to the backslash vs slash, you can try 
and see that using the forward slash works fine from ESS. The q. is how 
to submit a second argument to "Close"?
Submitting a second argument to Open works fine as shown by the "0" 
below, but neither "1" nor "-1" worked for Close. Very strange.

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I know it won't answer your question exactly, but using comGetObject  
instead of comCreateObject won't create new Excel instances, so at  
least you won't have more than one processes running, so this might  
solve some of your problems.

As for your second problem, I would venture to guess you need your  
paths with double backslashes instead of slashes. The following just  
worked over here:

  wb<-comInvoke(comGetProperty(obj,"Workbooks"),"Open", "C:\ 
\Documents and Settings\\Haris\\Desktop\\test1.xlsx")

Haris Skiadas
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Hanover College

On Dec 14, 2007, at 2:58 PM, stephen bond wrote:

> Hello,
> I just discovered that I cannot close the Excel application and task
> manager shows numerous copies of Excel.exe
> I tried both
> x$Quit() # shown in the rcom archive
> and
> x$Exit()
> and Excel refuses to die.
> Thank you very much.
> S.
> "You can't kill me, I will not die" Mojo Nixon
> I also have a problem with saving. It produces a pop-up dialog and
> does
> not take my second parameter:
> x<-comCreateObject("Excel.Application")
> wb<-comInvoke(comGetProperty(x,"Workbooks"),"Open","G:
> /MR/Stephen/repo.
> xls", "0")
> sh<-comGetProperty(wb,"Worksheets","Market Data")
> range1 <- comGetProperty(sh,"Range","C10","I11")
> vals <- comGetProperty(range1,"Value")
> comInvoke(wb,"Close","G:/MR/Stephen/repo.xls","True") # True is
> ignored
> Thank you All.
> Stephen

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