[R] clim.pact package ncdf dependency/ netcdf.h

Sam McClatchie Sam.McClatchie at noaa.gov
Wed Dec 19 23:48:15 CET 2007

Linux kernel 2.6.22-14
Ubuntu 7.10 gutsy
ESS 5.3.0 on Emacs 22.1.1
R version 2.6.0


I would like to use the user contributed package "clim.pact". I'm having
trouble with the dependency of "clim.pact" on "ncdf". Like others I am
finding that R CMD INSTALL does not find the netcdf.h file, even when
the directory (/usr/local/include) holding the netcdf.h file is passed to

Unless I misunderstood one of the postings there was an error
related to this problem on the OSX
build of the ncdf package 

I've install the obvious netcdf packages and
dependencies on ubuntu and the ncdump works fine.

Has anyone solved this problem on linux?

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