[R] 4 questions regarding hypothesis testing, survey package, ts on samples, plotting

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Thu Dec 20 15:17:05 CET 2007

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> I have 4 questions which trouble me:
snip 1-3
> 4. I want to modify the scale of my axes within a plot but i really
> could not find  this option. I think  there is such an option, but i
> can not find it.  
>  x<-rnorm(100, 100, 3)
>  x<-ts(x, frequency=12)
>  acf(x)
>  plot(x)
> On the above example, i want to a scale like this
> 95,96,97,98,....104,105  (on y) and 1,2,3,4,...7,8 (on x). 

Instead of looking at ?plot, try:
?plot.default # see the xlim and ylim arguments.

David Winsemius

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