[R] Multicore computation in Windows network: How to set up Rmpi

Samu Mäntyniemi samu.mantyniemi at helsinki.fi
Fri Dec 21 09:07:47 CET 2007

Some progress in my problem:

Samu Mäntyniemi kirjoitti:

> With MPICH2 I managed to connect my computers so that I was able to
> remotely launch Rgui on both machines but R hanged when calling
> "library(Rmpi)". If only one Rgui was launched on the localhost,
> "library(Rmpi)" worked without errors, but trying to use
> "mpi.spawn.Rslaves()" resulted in an error message, and so did
> "mpi.universe.size()". (In my current setup I can not reproduce this 
> error message, but I can go back to this setup if this seems to be an 
> important piece of information)

I vent back to MPICH2 installation to see what the error was:
"ERROR in names(HOSTNAMES)<-base: attempt to set an attribute on NULL"

Trying to rethink what the problem was I realized that unlike in 
DeinoMPI, I need to write the host names manually on the "configurable 
settings" -window, and in order to have one cpu available on the local 
machine, I need to write "myhostname:2".

After these changes MPICH2 1.06 +R-2.6.0+Rmpi 0.5-5 work on the single 
machine in the same way as my DeinoMPI installation: Correct number of 
cpu:s is detected and I can "mpi.spawn.Rslaves()"

I will try to do this with two hosts next and see if there is more luck 
with MPICH2 than DeinoMPI.


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