[R] post hoc in repeated measures of anova

Kazumi Maniwa Kazumi.Maniwa at uni-konstanz.de
Fri Dec 21 14:30:43 CET 2007

Hallo, I have this dataset with repeated measures. There are two  
within-subject factors, "formant" (2 levels: 1 and 2) and "f2 Ref" (25  
levels: 670, 729, 788, 846, 905, 1080, 1100, 1120, 1140, 1170, 1480,  
1470, 1450, 1440, 1430, 1890, 1840, 1790, 1740, 1690, 2290, 2210,  
2120, 2040, 1950), and one between-subject factor, lang (2 levels:1  
and 2). The response variable is "thresh".

I ran a three-way ANOVA with repeated measures:


The table looks like this:

Error: factor(sub)
              Df Sum Sq Mean Sq F value  Pr(>F)
factor(lang)  1  442.6   442.6  4.8849 0.03112 *
Residuals    57 5164.2    90.6
Signif. codes:  0 '***' 0.001 '**' 0.01 '*' 0.05 '.' 0.1 ' ' 1

Error: Within
                                              Df Sum Sq Mean Sq  F value
factor(formant)                               1  424.4   424.4 179.3530
factor(f2Ref)                                24  658.3    27.4  11.5937
factor(lang):factor(formant)                  1   83.3    83.3  35.2225
factor(lang):factor(f2Ref)                   24   48.3     2.0   0.8510
factor(formant):factor(f2Ref)                24  952.7    39.7  16.7782
factor(lang):factor(formant):factor(f2Ref)   24   84.2     3.5   1.4825
Residuals                                  2793 6608.3     2.4
factor(formant)                            < 2.2e-16 ***
factor(f2Ref)                              < 2.2e-16 ***
factor(lang):factor(formant)               3.304e-09 ***
factor(lang):factor(f2Ref)                   0.67204
factor(formant):factor(f2Ref)              < 2.2e-16 ***
factor(lang):factor(formant):factor(f2Ref)   0.06139 .
Signif. codes:  0 '***' 0.001 '**' 0.01 '*' 0.05 '.' 0.1 ' ' 1

Most of the main effects and interactions are significant, so I would  
like to do post hoc comparison for all main effects and interactins.
I have been trying hard to figure out how to do, but I am sorry, I am  
still novice and could not find the way to do.

It will be great if you could help me with codes for post hoc in  
repeated measures ANOVA.

Here is the dataset:

sub	thresh	lang	formant	f2Ref
1.00E+00	9.57E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.00E+00	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.00E+00	7.25E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.00E+00	5.59E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.00E+00	7.35E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
6.00E+00	6.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
7.00E+00	5.35E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
8.00E+00	6.95E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
9.00E+00	1.14E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.00E+01	1.02E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.10E+01	8.48E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.20E+01	6.70E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.30E+01	7.11E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.40E+01	4.90E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.50E+01	5.95E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.60E+01	6.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.70E+01	8.41E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.80E+01	8.52E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.90E+01	7.27E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.00E+01	8.87E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.10E+01	7.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.20E+01	6.57E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.30E+01	9.75E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.40E+01	7.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.50E+01	8.38E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.60E+01	8.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.70E+01	6.34E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.80E+01	6.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.90E+01	6.66E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.00E+01	7.68E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.10E+01	6.13E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.20E+01	6.34E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.30E+01	9.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.40E+01	6.84E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.50E+01	7.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.60E+01	5.87E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.70E+01	5.90E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.80E+01	5.63E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.90E+01	8.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.00E+01	7.68E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.10E+01	7.69E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.20E+01	8.21E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.30E+01	6.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.40E+01	7.77E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.50E+01	7.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.60E+01	1.04E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.70E+01	5.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.80E+01	7.35E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.90E+01	6.41E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.00E+01	4.42E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.10E+01	7.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.20E+01	7.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.30E+01	7.42E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.40E+01	1.00E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.50E+01	5.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.60E+01	6.33E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.70E+01	7.44E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.80E+01	9.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.90E+01	1.20E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.00E+00	8.04E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.00E+00	8.16E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.00E+00	5.32E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.00E+00	5.52E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.00E+00	9.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
6.00E+00	7.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
7.00E+00	6.78E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
8.00E+00	1.06E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
9.00E+00	9.86E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.00E+01	8.38E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.10E+01	6.56E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.20E+01	9.62E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.30E+01	8.82E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.40E+01	5.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.50E+01	8.87E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.60E+01	5.63E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.70E+01	5.24E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.80E+01	7.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.90E+01	8.18E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.00E+01	1.10E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.10E+01	8.62E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.20E+01	7.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.30E+01	8.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.40E+01	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.50E+01	1.00E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.60E+01	6.32E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.70E+01	1.19E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.80E+01	5.28E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
2.90E+01	5.74E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.00E+01	6.04E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.10E+01	3.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.20E+01	8.11E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.30E+01	7.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.40E+01	9.52E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.50E+01	6.51E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.60E+01	7.85E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.70E+01	4.52E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.80E+01	6.76E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
3.90E+01	9.42E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.00E+01	6.28E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.10E+01	8.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.20E+01	7.88E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.30E+01	8.49E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.40E+01	6.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.50E+01	7.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.60E+01	5.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.70E+01	4.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.80E+01	7.71E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
4.90E+01	6.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.00E+01	7.71E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.10E+01	7.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.20E+01	7.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.30E+01	6.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.40E+01	9.64E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.50E+01	6.79E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.60E+01	3.61E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.70E+01	3.11E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.80E+01	8.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
5.90E+01	8.35E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	6.70E+02
1.00E+00	7.22E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.00E+00	5.53E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.00E+00	4.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.00E+00	7.91E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.00E+00	1.18E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
6.00E+00	8.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
7.00E+00	7.40E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
8.00E+00	7.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
9.00E+00	7.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.00E+01	5.22E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.10E+01	6.63E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.20E+01	6.37E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.30E+01	8.54E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.40E+01	6.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.50E+01	6.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.60E+01	8.76E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.70E+01	5.30E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.80E+01	1.09E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.90E+01	9.55E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.00E+01	8.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.10E+01	9.27E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.20E+01	5.53E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.30E+01	9.04E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.40E+01	6.99E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.50E+01	6.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.60E+01	9.16E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.70E+01	8.04E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.80E+01	5.94E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.90E+01	6.94E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.00E+01	6.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.10E+01	4.43E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.20E+01	5.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.30E+01	8.43E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.40E+01	8.34E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.50E+01	6.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.60E+01	6.96E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.70E+01	3.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.80E+01	6.21E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.90E+01	7.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.00E+01	6.44E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.10E+01	3.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.20E+01	8.60E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.30E+01	5.91E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.40E+01	6.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.50E+01	8.56E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.60E+01	6.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.70E+01	7.49E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.80E+01	6.69E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.90E+01	5.30E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.00E+01	9.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.10E+01	5.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.20E+01	5.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.30E+01	5.97E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.40E+01	7.76E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.50E+01	5.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.60E+01	6.97E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.70E+01	6.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.80E+01	4.87E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.90E+01	5.30E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.00E+00	6.57E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.00E+00	8.75E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.00E+00	6.04E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.00E+00	5.83E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.00E+00	7.86E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
6.00E+00	8.62E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
7.00E+00	7.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
8.00E+00	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
9.00E+00	8.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.00E+01	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.10E+01	7.19E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.20E+01	7.49E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.30E+01	7.92E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.40E+01	5.76E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.50E+01	5.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.60E+01	6.96E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.70E+01	6.08E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.80E+01	1.09E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.90E+01	1.02E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.00E+01	7.82E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.10E+01	8.71E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.20E+01	9.94E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.30E+01	8.41E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.40E+01	5.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.50E+01	9.16E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.60E+01	7.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.70E+01	9.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.80E+01	6.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
2.90E+01	7.26E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.00E+01	4.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.10E+01	4.42E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.20E+01	5.81E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.30E+01	5.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.40E+01	6.57E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.50E+01	7.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.60E+01	4.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.70E+01	4.14E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.80E+01	5.57E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
3.90E+01	6.61E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.00E+01	8.42E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.10E+01	5.92E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.20E+01	7.55E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.30E+01	9.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.40E+01	6.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.50E+01	6.91E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.60E+01	5.12E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.70E+01	5.88E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.80E+01	9.53E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
4.90E+01	4.43E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.00E+01	6.79E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.10E+01	4.98E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.20E+01	4.98E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.30E+01	6.95E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.40E+01	3.77E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.50E+01	9.35E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.60E+01	5.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.70E+01	4.05E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.80E+01	5.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
5.90E+01	8.31E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.29E+02
1.00E+00	5.08E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.00E+00	8.64E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.00E+00	4.96E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.00E+00	3.89E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.00E+00	6.48E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
6.00E+00	5.32E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
7.00E+00	5.09E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
8.00E+00	7.23E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
9.00E+00	7.79E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.00E+01	6.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.10E+01	8.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.20E+01	4.06E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.30E+01	5.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.40E+01	3.34E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.50E+01	6.82E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.60E+01	1.06E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.70E+01	5.38E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.80E+01	1.13E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.90E+01	6.47E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.00E+01	7.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.10E+01	6.81E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.20E+01	6.59E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.30E+01	9.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.40E+01	5.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.50E+01	7.93E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.60E+01	5.14E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.70E+01	8.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.80E+01	4.96E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.90E+01	4.24E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.00E+01	4.74E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.10E+01	4.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.20E+01	6.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.30E+01	5.58E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.40E+01	7.83E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.50E+01	6.69E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.60E+01	7.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.70E+01	5.36E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.80E+01	5.68E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.90E+01	6.22E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.00E+01	7.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.10E+01	5.79E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.20E+01	6.05E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.30E+01	5.69E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.40E+01	6.28E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.50E+01	8.40E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.60E+01	6.97E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.70E+01	5.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.80E+01	7.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.90E+01	4.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.00E+01	6.18E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.10E+01	4.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.20E+01	4.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.30E+01	5.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.40E+01	8.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.50E+01	6.14E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.60E+01	6.53E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.70E+01	2.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.80E+01	6.66E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.90E+01	6.84E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.00E+00	5.41E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.00E+00	8.48E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.00E+00	6.05E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.00E+00	6.14E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.00E+00	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
6.00E+00	7.63E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
7.00E+00	9.46E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
8.00E+00	6.38E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
9.00E+00	7.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.00E+01	8.63E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.10E+01	7.28E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.20E+01	8.82E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.30E+01	8.05E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.40E+01	5.02E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.50E+01	7.85E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.60E+01	5.10E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.70E+01	7.75E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.80E+01	6.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.90E+01	7.67E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.00E+01	9.90E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.10E+01	8.24E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.20E+01	5.94E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.30E+01	9.36E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.40E+01	6.28E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.50E+01	8.34E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.60E+01	6.88E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.70E+01	9.92E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.80E+01	6.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
2.90E+01	6.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.00E+01	5.08E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.10E+01	4.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.20E+01	7.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.30E+01	6.86E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.40E+01	5.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.50E+01	9.23E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.60E+01	6.85E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.70E+01	4.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.80E+01	6.91E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
3.90E+01	8.09E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.00E+01	6.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.10E+01	8.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.20E+01	7.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.30E+01	8.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.40E+01	7.67E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.50E+01	9.87E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.60E+01	6.04E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.70E+01	6.81E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.80E+01	9.35E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
4.90E+01	4.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.00E+01	7.07E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.10E+01	6.77E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.20E+01	6.77E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.30E+01	7.73E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.40E+01	9.31E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.50E+01	7.10E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.60E+01	6.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.70E+01	6.29E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.80E+01	5.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
5.90E+01	8.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	7.88E+02
1.00E+00	7.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.00E+00	6.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.00E+00	3.53E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.00E+00	4.69E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.00E+00	6.56E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
6.00E+00	6.81E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
7.00E+00	6.26E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
8.00E+00	5.89E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
9.00E+00	8.23E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.00E+01	5.09E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.10E+01	5.01E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.20E+01	5.13E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.30E+01	6.58E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.40E+01	2.87E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.50E+01	4.12E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.60E+01	7.49E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.70E+01	4.15E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.80E+01	1.27E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.90E+01	7.35E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.00E+01	7.87E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.10E+01	6.45E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.20E+01	6.24E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.30E+01	4.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.40E+01	3.89E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.50E+01	7.74E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.60E+01	5.74E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.70E+01	8.57E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.80E+01	4.20E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.90E+01	3.66E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.00E+01	5.48E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.10E+01	4.03E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.20E+01	3.65E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.30E+01	5.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.40E+01	6.42E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.50E+01	6.36E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.60E+01	4.18E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.70E+01	4.82E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.80E+01	4.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.90E+01	5.27E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.00E+01	6.58E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.10E+01	5.44E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.20E+01	6.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.30E+01	6.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.40E+01	5.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.50E+01	7.40E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.60E+01	4.66E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.70E+01	4.51E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.80E+01	7.21E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.90E+01	7.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.00E+01	6.31E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.10E+01	8.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.20E+01	8.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.30E+01	5.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.40E+01	6.48E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.50E+01	5.65E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.60E+01	4.15E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.70E+01	3.34E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.80E+01	5.92E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.90E+01	3.56E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.00E+00	6.41E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.00E+00	9.83E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.00E+00	6.42E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.00E+00	6.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.00E+00	8.08E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
6.00E+00	7.02E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
7.00E+00	9.19E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
8.00E+00	7.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
9.00E+00	8.38E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.00E+01	8.14E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.10E+01	8.24E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.20E+01	7.26E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.30E+01	5.97E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.40E+01	4.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.50E+01	7.97E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.60E+01	6.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.70E+01	7.75E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.80E+01	1.18E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.90E+01	1.08E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.00E+01	8.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.10E+01	9.75E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.20E+01	8.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.30E+01	8.10E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.40E+01	6.27E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.50E+01	1.08E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.60E+01	7.12E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.70E+01	7.94E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.80E+01	7.08E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
2.90E+01	7.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.00E+01	6.28E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.10E+01	3.49E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.20E+01	6.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.30E+01	9.40E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.40E+01	9.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.50E+01	8.09E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.60E+01	8.09E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.70E+01	6.20E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.80E+01	7.10E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
3.90E+01	7.57E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.00E+01	6.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.10E+01	6.22E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.20E+01	9.95E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.30E+01	1.06E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.40E+01	7.62E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.50E+01	7.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.60E+01	5.03E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.70E+01	4.51E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.80E+01	7.41E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
4.90E+01	5.26E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.00E+01	6.42E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.10E+01	8.56E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.20E+01	8.56E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.30E+01	1.01E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.40E+01	8.12E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.50E+01	8.74E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.60E+01	8.08E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.70E+01	6.91E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.80E+01	6.97E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
5.90E+01	5.35E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	8.46E+02
1.00E+00	5.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.00E+00	6.32E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.00E+00	3.82E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.00E+00	4.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.00E+00	9.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
6.00E+00	4.98E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
7.00E+00	5.17E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
8.00E+00	5.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
9.00E+00	7.65E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.00E+01	4.45E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.10E+01	4.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.20E+01	4.15E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.30E+01	5.89E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.40E+01	5.38E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.50E+01	6.14E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.60E+01	7.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.70E+01	5.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.80E+01	1.35E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.90E+01	5.63E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.00E+01	4.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.10E+01	5.20E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.20E+01	6.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.30E+01	3.70E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.40E+01	4.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.50E+01	9.36E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.60E+01	4.38E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.70E+01	8.41E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.80E+01	3.95E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.90E+01	2.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.00E+01	3.65E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.10E+01	4.75E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.20E+01	6.77E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.30E+01	2.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.40E+01	6.34E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.50E+01	7.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.60E+01	4.64E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.70E+01	3.69E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.80E+01	4.84E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.90E+01	3.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.00E+01	5.83E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.10E+01	4.63E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.20E+01	5.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.30E+01	5.37E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.40E+01	2.23E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.50E+01	5.99E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.60E+01	3.51E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.70E+01	3.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.80E+01	6.66E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.90E+01	3.83E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.00E+01	5.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.10E+01	7.23E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.20E+01	7.23E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.30E+01	6.54E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.40E+01	9.15E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.50E+01	2.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.60E+01	2.47E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.70E+01	3.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.80E+01	5.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.90E+01	1.34E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.00E+00	6.18E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.00E+00	9.71E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.00E+00	5.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.00E+00	4.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.00E+00	5.32E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
6.00E+00	5.96E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
7.00E+00	7.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
8.00E+00	8.09E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
9.00E+00	7.56E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.00E+01	4.82E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.10E+01	8.05E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.20E+01	7.19E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.30E+01	4.90E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.40E+01	3.46E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.50E+01	8.75E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.60E+01	6.72E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.70E+01	7.65E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.80E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.90E+01	9.48E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.00E+01	4.74E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.10E+01	7.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.20E+01	6.52E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.30E+01	4.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.40E+01	6.04E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.50E+01	4.94E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.60E+01	5.12E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.70E+01	1.19E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.80E+01	7.09E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
2.90E+01	5.61E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.00E+01	5.97E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.10E+01	5.03E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.20E+01	4.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.30E+01	8.91E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.40E+01	8.37E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.50E+01	7.72E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.60E+01	6.06E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.70E+01	5.11E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.80E+01	7.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
3.90E+01	6.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.00E+01	6.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.10E+01	7.02E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.20E+01	6.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.30E+01	7.07E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.40E+01	6.95E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.50E+01	5.81E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.60E+01	6.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.70E+01	5.77E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.80E+01	6.42E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
4.90E+01	6.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.00E+01	4.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.10E+01	4.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.20E+01	4.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.30E+01	5.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.40E+01	1.04E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.50E+01	6.15E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.60E+01	7.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.70E+01	4.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.80E+01	4.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
5.90E+01	6.81E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	9.05E+02
1.00E+00	8.85E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.00E+00	8.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.00E+00	5.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.00E+00	7.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.00E+00	6.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
6.00E+00	6.38E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
7.00E+00	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
8.00E+00	8.50E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
9.00E+00	5.59E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.00E+01	9.36E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.10E+01	9.61E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.20E+01	9.53E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.30E+01	8.12E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.40E+01	7.71E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.50E+01	6.09E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.60E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.70E+01	8.76E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.80E+01	1.08E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.90E+01	9.26E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.00E+01	8.45E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.10E+01	8.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.20E+01	6.34E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.30E+01	6.15E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.40E+01	8.56E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.50E+01	7.64E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.60E+01	9.66E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.70E+01	8.05E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.80E+01	8.12E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.90E+01	8.20E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.00E+01	6.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.10E+01	5.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.20E+01	8.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.30E+01	5.11E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.40E+01	8.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.50E+01	8.48E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.60E+01	7.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.70E+01	5.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.80E+01	7.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.90E+01	8.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.00E+01	9.13E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.10E+01	9.22E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.20E+01	8.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.30E+01	6.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.40E+01	5.11E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.50E+01	7.36E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.60E+01	7.18E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.70E+01	8.58E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.80E+01	6.41E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.90E+01	8.77E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.00E+01	8.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.10E+01	6.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.20E+01	6.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.30E+01	7.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.40E+01	1.09E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.50E+01	6.47E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.60E+01	6.34E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.70E+01	6.02E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.80E+01	8.03E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.90E+01	8.44E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.00E+00	6.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.00E+00	8.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.00E+00	3.24E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.00E+00	6.73E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.00E+00	8.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
6.00E+00	5.38E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
7.00E+00	9.93E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
8.00E+00	9.35E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
9.00E+00	9.87E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.00E+01	7.02E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.10E+01	9.27E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.20E+01	3.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.30E+01	6.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.40E+01	3.52E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.50E+01	6.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.60E+01	3.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.70E+01	3.54E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.80E+01	1.19E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.90E+01	7.22E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.00E+01	8.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.10E+01	9.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.20E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.30E+01	7.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.40E+01	8.24E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.50E+01	9.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.60E+01	3.08E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.70E+01	8.15E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.80E+01	2.81E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
2.90E+01	3.83E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.00E+01	6.08E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.10E+01	3.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.20E+01	3.29E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.30E+01	3.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.40E+01	4.97E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.50E+01	8.13E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.60E+01	4.25E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.70E+01	2.49E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.80E+01	4.60E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
3.90E+01	7.05E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.00E+01	6.49E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.10E+01	8.05E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.20E+01	3.36E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.30E+01	8.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.40E+01	4.40E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.50E+01	8.39E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.60E+01	2.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.70E+01	5.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.80E+01	9.90E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
4.90E+01	5.50E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.00E+01	4.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.10E+01	6.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.20E+01	6.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.30E+01	5.83E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.40E+01	1.18E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.50E+01	6.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.60E+01	4.09E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.70E+01	3.17E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.80E+01	4.67E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
5.90E+01	6.79E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.08E+03
1.00E+00	5.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.00E+00	7.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.00E+00	2.71E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.00E+00	7.98E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.00E+00	7.47E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
6.00E+00	9.71E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
7.00E+00	8.24E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
8.00E+00	8.20E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
9.00E+00	6.47E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.00E+01	9.23E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.10E+01	4.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.20E+01	8.27E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.30E+01	7.15E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.40E+01	4.26E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.50E+01	7.30E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.60E+01	7.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.70E+01	5.54E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.80E+01	1.30E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.90E+01	9.01E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.00E+01	8.79E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.10E+01	6.30E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.20E+01	8.50E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.30E+01	6.29E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.40E+01	8.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.50E+01	6.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.60E+01	6.99E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.70E+01	1.06E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.80E+01	5.98E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.90E+01	7.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.00E+01	8.18E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.10E+01	5.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.20E+01	5.12E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.30E+01	5.13E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.40E+01	9.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.50E+01	6.54E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.60E+01	4.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.70E+01	6.64E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.80E+01	6.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.90E+01	7.08E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.00E+01	9.45E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.10E+01	8.92E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.20E+01	9.81E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.30E+01	9.02E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.40E+01	6.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.50E+01	5.79E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.60E+01	7.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.70E+01	9.87E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.80E+01	6.64E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.90E+01	6.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.00E+01	6.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.10E+01	7.67E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.20E+01	7.67E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.30E+01	9.67E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.40E+01	7.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.50E+01	8.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.60E+01	8.02E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.70E+01	4.68E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.80E+01	7.26E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.90E+01	9.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.00E+00	5.92E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.00E+00	7.25E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.00E+00	5.40E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.00E+00	5.02E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.00E+00	9.10E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
6.00E+00	6.96E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
7.00E+00	5.10E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
8.00E+00	6.63E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
9.00E+00	7.96E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.00E+01	6.51E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.10E+01	7.35E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.20E+01	5.22E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.30E+01	6.01E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.40E+01	4.35E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.50E+01	8.15E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.60E+01	4.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.70E+01	4.60E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.80E+01	1.18E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.90E+01	8.96E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.00E+01	9.99E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.10E+01	8.42E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.20E+01	8.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.30E+01	7.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.40E+01	6.85E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.50E+01	1.06E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.60E+01	2.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.70E+01	6.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.80E+01	4.17E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
2.90E+01	6.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.00E+01	3.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.10E+01	2.11E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.20E+01	4.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.30E+01	5.39E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.40E+01	4.97E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.50E+01	6.85E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.60E+01	3.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.70E+01	4.81E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.80E+01	4.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
3.90E+01	4.50E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.00E+01	6.91E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.10E+01	6.69E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.20E+01	7.83E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.30E+01	5.20E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.40E+01	5.43E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.50E+01	6.37E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.60E+01	4.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.70E+01	4.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.80E+01	5.57E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
4.90E+01	5.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.00E+01	5.19E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.10E+01	6.52E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.20E+01	6.52E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.30E+01	5.61E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.40E+01	7.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.50E+01	9.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.60E+01	4.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.70E+01	1.72E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.80E+01	6.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
5.90E+01	7.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.10E+03
1.00E+00	7.15E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.00E+00	8.13E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.00E+00	5.07E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.00E+00	5.40E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.00E+00	7.65E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
6.00E+00	5.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
7.00E+00	8.05E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
8.00E+00	7.93E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
9.00E+00	9.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.00E+01	7.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.10E+01	6.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.20E+01	4.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.30E+01	3.35E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.40E+01	6.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.50E+01	4.96E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.60E+01	7.17E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.70E+01	7.85E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.80E+01	8.07E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.90E+01	6.23E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.00E+01	9.61E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.10E+01	9.78E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.20E+01	9.16E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.30E+01	7.52E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.40E+01	6.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.50E+01	7.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.60E+01	5.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.70E+01	1.05E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.80E+01	6.05E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.90E+01	6.25E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.00E+01	7.33E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.10E+01	5.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.20E+01	5.63E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.30E+01	6.46E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.40E+01	9.74E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.50E+01	8.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.60E+01	5.80E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.70E+01	5.99E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.80E+01	5.34E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.90E+01	6.76E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.00E+01	5.38E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.10E+01	6.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.20E+01	6.67E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.30E+01	8.91E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.40E+01	7.03E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.50E+01	8.97E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.60E+01	4.37E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.70E+01	4.55E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.80E+01	6.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.90E+01	8.80E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.00E+01	5.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.10E+01	7.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.20E+01	7.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.30E+01	7.45E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.40E+01	8.01E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.50E+01	9.12E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.60E+01	6.12E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.70E+01	5.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.80E+01	5.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.90E+01	7.74E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.00E+00	7.54E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.00E+00	7.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.00E+00	5.20E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.00E+00	2.99E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.00E+00	7.20E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
6.00E+00	5.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
7.00E+00	6.48E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
8.00E+00	8.57E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
9.00E+00	8.81E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.00E+01	7.90E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.10E+01	7.64E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.20E+01	3.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.30E+01	5.61E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.40E+01	3.21E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.50E+01	7.83E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.60E+01	6.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.70E+01	2.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.80E+01	1.22E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.90E+01	8.15E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.00E+01	4.93E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.10E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.20E+01	7.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.30E+01	6.20E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.40E+01	7.44E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.50E+01	6.99E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.60E+01	5.93E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.70E+01	6.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.80E+01	4.22E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
2.90E+01	7.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.00E+01	3.72E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.10E+01	1.73E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.20E+01	5.95E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.30E+01	4.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.40E+01	4.25E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.50E+01	6.43E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.60E+01	4.86E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.70E+01	3.17E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.80E+01	4.10E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
3.90E+01	5.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.00E+01	5.21E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.10E+01	8.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.20E+01	5.22E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.30E+01	9.79E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.40E+01	5.21E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.50E+01	7.92E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.60E+01	3.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.70E+01	6.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.80E+01	5.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
4.90E+01	3.88E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.00E+01	3.55E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.10E+01	7.86E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.20E+01	7.86E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.30E+01	6.02E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.40E+01	1.09E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.50E+01	4.95E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.60E+01	4.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.70E+01	2.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.80E+01	6.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
5.90E+01	6.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.12E+03
1.00E+00	7.53E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.00E+00	9.71E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.00E+00	4.48E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.00E+00	4.82E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.00E+00	6.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
6.00E+00	4.24E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
7.00E+00	6.04E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
8.00E+00	7.87E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
9.00E+00	8.56E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.00E+01	5.55E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.10E+01	6.65E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.20E+01	4.07E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.30E+01	2.56E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.40E+01	3.70E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.50E+01	4.97E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.60E+01	7.97E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.70E+01	6.39E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.80E+01	1.31E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.90E+01	6.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.00E+01	7.45E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.10E+01	5.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.20E+01	8.62E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.30E+01	8.13E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.40E+01	5.93E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.50E+01	5.33E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.60E+01	3.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.70E+01	7.84E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.80E+01	4.14E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.90E+01	5.32E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.00E+01	2.82E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.10E+01	2.09E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.20E+01	4.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.30E+01	2.71E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.40E+01	7.73E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.50E+01	8.60E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.60E+01	4.27E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.70E+01	4.43E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.80E+01	4.99E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.90E+01	6.26E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.00E+01	5.92E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.10E+01	7.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.20E+01	7.30E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.30E+01	6.02E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.40E+01	6.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.50E+01	8.52E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.60E+01	6.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.70E+01	6.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.80E+01	5.70E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.90E+01	5.99E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.00E+01	4.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.10E+01	7.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.20E+01	7.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.30E+01	5.16E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.40E+01	9.51E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.50E+01	4.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.60E+01	3.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.70E+01	3.37E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.80E+01	6.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.90E+01	1.23E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.00E+00	4.42E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.00E+00	9.84E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.00E+00	5.23E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.00E+00	5.81E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.00E+00	7.22E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
6.00E+00	7.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
7.00E+00	4.98E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
8.00E+00	8.23E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
9.00E+00	7.51E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.00E+01	6.64E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.10E+01	7.03E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.20E+01	5.51E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.30E+01	5.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.40E+01	4.01E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.50E+01	5.54E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.60E+01	6.71E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.70E+01	4.78E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.80E+01	1.23E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.90E+01	6.02E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.00E+01	6.42E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.10E+01	6.56E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.20E+01	8.09E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.30E+01	3.08E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.40E+01	8.43E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.50E+01	7.39E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.60E+01	4.39E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.70E+01	9.84E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.80E+01	5.13E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
2.90E+01	6.61E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.00E+01	3.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.10E+01	1.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.20E+01	3.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.30E+01	4.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.40E+01	6.63E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.50E+01	6.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.60E+01	5.43E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.70E+01	2.21E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.80E+01	3.95E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
3.90E+01	4.14E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.00E+01	5.79E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.10E+01	8.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.20E+01	5.43E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.30E+01	5.76E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.40E+01	3.93E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.50E+01	6.83E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.60E+01	2.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.70E+01	4.26E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.80E+01	9.07E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
4.90E+01	5.88E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.00E+01	3.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.10E+01	8.77E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.20E+01	8.77E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.30E+01	5.34E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.40E+01	9.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.50E+01	3.31E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.60E+01	2.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.70E+01	1.64E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.80E+01	9.67E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
5.90E+01	1.14E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.14E+03
1.00E+00	6.01E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.00E+00	1.06E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.00E+00	2.53E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.00E+00	2.53E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.00E+00	7.13E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
6.00E+00	4.35E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
7.00E+00	6.15E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
8.00E+00	5.92E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
9.00E+00	8.87E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.00E+01	4.85E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.10E+01	8.06E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.20E+01	5.17E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.30E+01	4.35E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.40E+01	2.22E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.50E+01	6.31E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.60E+01	6.69E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.70E+01	5.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.80E+01	1.31E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.90E+01	5.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.00E+01	5.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.10E+01	9.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.20E+01	7.08E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.30E+01	6.75E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.40E+01	3.26E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.50E+01	6.08E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.60E+01	3.06E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.70E+01	7.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.80E+01	4.48E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.90E+01	3.38E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.00E+01	4.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.10E+01	3.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.20E+01	4.31E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.30E+01	2.97E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.40E+01	5.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.50E+01	6.04E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.60E+01	4.41E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.70E+01	3.54E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.80E+01	3.91E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.90E+01	2.70E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.00E+01	4.83E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.10E+01	5.21E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.20E+01	3.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.30E+01	7.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.40E+01	5.16E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.50E+01	5.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.60E+01	3.54E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.70E+01	7.15E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.80E+01	8.38E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.90E+01	4.58E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.00E+01	4.55E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.10E+01	7.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.20E+01	7.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.30E+01	4.80E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.40E+01	8.58E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.50E+01	6.75E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.60E+01	4.17E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.70E+01	3.05E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.80E+01	5.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.90E+01	7.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.00E+00	5.37E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.00E+00	8.23E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.00E+00	4.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.00E+00	3.12E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.00E+00	9.35E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
6.00E+00	7.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
7.00E+00	7.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
8.00E+00	5.25E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
9.00E+00	6.73E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.00E+01	7.02E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.10E+01	6.92E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.20E+01	6.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.30E+01	3.99E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.40E+01	5.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.50E+01	7.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.60E+01	8.19E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.70E+01	5.20E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.80E+01	1.27E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.90E+01	7.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.00E+01	6.17E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.10E+01	5.10E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.20E+01	7.97E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.30E+01	5.98E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.40E+01	4.70E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.50E+01	7.44E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.60E+01	7.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.70E+01	1.09E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.80E+01	5.70E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
2.90E+01	4.04E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.00E+01	5.08E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.10E+01	1.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.20E+01	6.21E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.30E+01	4.53E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.40E+01	5.81E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.50E+01	8.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.60E+01	4.71E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.70E+01	2.86E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.80E+01	4.61E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
3.90E+01	5.24E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.00E+01	5.26E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.10E+01	9.23E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.20E+01	8.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.30E+01	8.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.40E+01	6.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.50E+01	5.09E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.60E+01	2.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.70E+01	3.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.80E+01	8.90E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
4.90E+01	5.30E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.00E+01	6.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.10E+01	5.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.20E+01	5.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.30E+01	5.34E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.40E+01	8.35E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.50E+01	4.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.60E+01	3.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.70E+01	1.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.80E+01	1.06E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
5.90E+01	6.74E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.17E+03
1.00E+00	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.00E+00	9.98E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.00E+00	6.22E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.00E+00	7.33E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.00E+00	8.26E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
6.00E+00	9.26E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
7.00E+00	7.29E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
8.00E+00	8.17E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
9.00E+00	9.29E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.00E+01	9.78E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.10E+01	6.45E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.20E+01	7.81E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.30E+01	8.58E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.40E+01	9.65E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.50E+01	6.87E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.60E+01	7.58E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.70E+01	8.81E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.80E+01	7.41E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.90E+01	7.94E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.00E+01	7.61E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.10E+01	8.63E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.20E+01	9.69E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.30E+01	6.24E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.40E+01	1.00E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.50E+01	7.42E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.60E+01	7.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.70E+01	6.37E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.80E+01	4.12E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.90E+01	4.97E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.00E+01	6.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.10E+01	4.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.20E+01	7.80E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.30E+01	7.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.40E+01	8.92E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.50E+01	7.02E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.60E+01	6.15E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.70E+01	7.73E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.80E+01	5.39E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.90E+01	8.02E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.00E+01	8.11E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.10E+01	9.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.20E+01	7.02E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.30E+01	8.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.40E+01	6.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.50E+01	8.84E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.60E+01	6.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.70E+01	8.52E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.80E+01	7.41E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.90E+01	9.22E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.00E+01	7.81E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.10E+01	7.99E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.20E+01	7.99E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.30E+01	9.34E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.40E+01	9.13E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.50E+01	6.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.60E+01	8.31E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.70E+01	6.36E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.80E+01	7.65E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.90E+01	8.09E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.00E+00	6.01E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.00E+00	8.56E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.00E+00	4.74E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.00E+00	5.96E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.00E+00	7.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
6.00E+00	6.07E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
7.00E+00	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
8.00E+00	9.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
9.00E+00	6.09E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.00E+01	8.34E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.10E+01	6.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.20E+01	6.22E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.30E+01	5.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.40E+01	4.78E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.50E+01	7.54E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.60E+01	8.74E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.70E+01	2.14E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.80E+01	1.22E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.90E+01	6.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.00E+01	7.70E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.10E+01	6.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.20E+01	7.97E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.30E+01	8.78E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.40E+01	5.13E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.50E+01	7.84E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.60E+01	4.64E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.70E+01	1.09E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.80E+01	1.74E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
2.90E+01	3.37E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.00E+01	2.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.10E+01	4.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.20E+01	4.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.30E+01	7.90E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.40E+01	4.58E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.50E+01	6.63E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.60E+01	4.49E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.70E+01	4.13E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.80E+01	1.70E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
3.90E+01	2.80E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.00E+01	6.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.10E+01	8.36E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.20E+01	2.86E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.30E+01	7.61E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.40E+01	6.61E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.50E+01	9.95E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.60E+01	3.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.70E+01	4.62E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.80E+01	6.85E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
4.90E+01	5.60E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.00E+01	2.11E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.10E+01	8.06E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.20E+01	8.06E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.30E+01	4.04E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.40E+01	1.01E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.50E+01	4.20E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.60E+01	3.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.70E+01	1.05E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.80E+01	2.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
5.90E+01	6.28E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.48E+03
1.00E+00	8.13E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.00E+00	8.04E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.00E+00	6.64E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.00E+00	7.39E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.00E+00	5.52E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
6.00E+00	6.69E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
7.00E+00	1.06E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
8.00E+00	9.16E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
9.00E+00	9.13E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.00E+01	9.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.10E+01	7.53E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.20E+01	8.15E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.30E+01	6.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.40E+01	5.30E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.50E+01	7.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.60E+01	7.35E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.70E+01	8.39E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.80E+01	7.55E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.90E+01	8.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.00E+01	6.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.10E+01	5.21E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.20E+01	8.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.30E+01	9.27E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.40E+01	8.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.50E+01	7.29E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.60E+01	9.57E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.70E+01	6.41E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.80E+01	6.90E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.90E+01	6.33E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.00E+01	6.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.10E+01	4.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.20E+01	7.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.30E+01	7.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.40E+01	9.99E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.50E+01	7.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.60E+01	7.15E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.70E+01	4.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.80E+01	6.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.90E+01	7.28E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.00E+01	7.33E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.10E+01	7.51E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.20E+01	6.44E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.30E+01	9.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.40E+01	6.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.50E+01	6.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.60E+01	6.45E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.70E+01	7.63E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.80E+01	8.08E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.90E+01	7.53E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.00E+01	7.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.10E+01	1.04E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.20E+01	1.04E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.30E+01	7.01E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.40E+01	9.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.50E+01	5.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.60E+01	7.41E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.70E+01	6.30E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.80E+01	6.52E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.90E+01	9.04E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.00E+00	4.59E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.00E+00	7.23E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.00E+00	2.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.00E+00	4.08E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.00E+00	6.87E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
6.00E+00	8.74E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
7.00E+00	7.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
8.00E+00	8.03E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
9.00E+00	1.00E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.00E+01	8.25E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.10E+01	5.97E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.20E+01	5.51E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.30E+01	5.22E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.40E+01	3.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.50E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.60E+01	8.88E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.70E+01	1.64E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.80E+01	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.90E+01	9.86E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.00E+01	8.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.10E+01	9.97E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.20E+01	8.59E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.30E+01	5.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.40E+01	7.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.50E+01	7.84E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.60E+01	6.81E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.70E+01	8.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.80E+01	6.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
2.90E+01	3.46E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.00E+01	2.76E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.10E+01	1.91E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.20E+01	4.39E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.30E+01	6.49E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.40E+01	6.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.50E+01	8.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.60E+01	5.31E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.70E+01	2.10E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.80E+01	3.71E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
3.90E+01	4.21E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.00E+01	6.12E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.10E+01	4.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.20E+01	7.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.30E+01	7.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.40E+01	4.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.50E+01	6.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.60E+01	2.45E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.70E+01	1.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.80E+01	6.92E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
4.90E+01	5.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.00E+01	1.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.10E+01	6.40E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.20E+01	6.40E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.30E+01	5.85E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.40E+01	9.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.50E+01	4.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.60E+01	1.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.70E+01	1.11E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.80E+01	5.41E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
5.90E+01	1.24E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.47E+03
1.00E+00	6.43E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.00E+00	9.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.00E+00	3.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.00E+00	4.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.00E+00	1.14E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
6.00E+00	7.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
7.00E+00	7.05E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
8.00E+00	1.43E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
9.00E+00	8.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.00E+01	5.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.10E+01	5.84E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.20E+01	7.49E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.30E+01	5.92E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.40E+01	6.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.50E+01	6.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.60E+01	6.95E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.70E+01	5.97E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.80E+01	8.19E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.90E+01	7.65E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.00E+01	7.56E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.10E+01	5.04E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.20E+01	8.37E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.30E+01	6.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.40E+01	9.23E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.50E+01	8.62E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.60E+01	7.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.70E+01	9.32E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.80E+01	6.49E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.90E+01	4.91E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.00E+01	3.74E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.10E+01	3.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.20E+01	4.39E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.30E+01	6.46E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.40E+01	6.67E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.50E+01	4.01E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.60E+01	6.17E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.70E+01	4.68E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.80E+01	5.96E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.90E+01	8.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.00E+01	5.74E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.10E+01	1.03E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.20E+01	8.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.30E+01	6.87E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.40E+01	7.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.50E+01	4.30E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.60E+01	4.55E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.70E+01	9.27E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.80E+01	5.08E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.90E+01	8.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.00E+01	7.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.10E+01	4.67E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.20E+01	4.67E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.30E+01	8.45E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.40E+01	7.36E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.50E+01	6.37E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.60E+01	6.74E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.70E+01	5.05E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.80E+01	7.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.90E+01	8.44E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.00E+00	5.54E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.00E+00	5.99E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.00E+00	3.32E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.00E+00	3.27E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.00E+00	8.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
6.00E+00	7.70E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
7.00E+00	5.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
8.00E+00	6.42E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
9.00E+00	8.54E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.00E+01	6.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.10E+01	9.49E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.20E+01	6.48E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.30E+01	4.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.40E+01	4.54E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.50E+01	8.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.60E+01	1.20E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.70E+01	2.82E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.80E+01	8.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.90E+01	5.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.00E+01	7.98E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.10E+01	8.16E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.20E+01	8.56E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.30E+01	6.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.40E+01	9.51E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.50E+01	1.06E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.60E+01	6.38E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.70E+01	9.73E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.80E+01	2.23E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
2.90E+01	5.19E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.00E+01	2.45E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.10E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.20E+01	6.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.30E+01	8.24E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.40E+01	4.38E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.50E+01	3.93E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.60E+01	6.38E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.70E+01	2.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.80E+01	4.14E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
3.90E+01	4.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.00E+01	3.46E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.10E+01	7.32E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.20E+01	6.35E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.30E+01	7.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.40E+01	3.35E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.50E+01	5.43E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.60E+01	2.67E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.70E+01	5.38E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.80E+01	5.11E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
4.90E+01	4.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.00E+01	3.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.10E+01	6.13E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.20E+01	6.13E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.30E+01	5.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.40E+01	1.02E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.50E+01	6.26E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.60E+01	3.64E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.70E+01	1.09E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.80E+01	5.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
5.90E+01	6.19E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.45E+03
1.00E+00	7.29E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.00E+00	6.63E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.00E+00	3.87E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.00E+00	4.69E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.00E+00	8.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
6.00E+00	7.12E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
7.00E+00	6.74E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
8.00E+00	4.90E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
9.00E+00	5.59E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.00E+01	6.47E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.10E+01	6.94E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.20E+01	6.82E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.30E+01	4.81E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.40E+01	3.45E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.50E+01	7.42E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.60E+01	9.01E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.70E+01	5.33E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.80E+01	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.90E+01	6.20E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.00E+01	8.92E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.10E+01	5.69E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.20E+01	7.42E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.30E+01	8.30E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.40E+01	6.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.50E+01	8.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.60E+01	3.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.70E+01	1.07E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.80E+01	4.74E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.90E+01	5.05E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.00E+01	2.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.10E+01	3.56E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.20E+01	6.71E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.30E+01	5.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.40E+01	6.77E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.50E+01	7.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.60E+01	4.03E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.70E+01	4.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.80E+01	4.33E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.90E+01	5.37E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.00E+01	6.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.10E+01	3.42E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.20E+01	7.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.30E+01	7.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.40E+01	7.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.50E+01	7.40E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.60E+01	6.69E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.70E+01	6.40E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.80E+01	7.73E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.90E+01	4.77E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.00E+01	8.69E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.10E+01	6.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.20E+01	6.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.30E+01	4.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.40E+01	1.02E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.50E+01	8.49E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.60E+01	7.02E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.70E+01	4.48E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.80E+01	5.71E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.90E+01	5.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.00E+00	7.15E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.00E+00	6.25E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.00E+00	2.86E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.00E+00	4.98E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.00E+00	9.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
6.00E+00	4.06E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
7.00E+00	5.61E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
8.00E+00	7.76E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
9.00E+00	9.37E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.00E+01	8.27E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.10E+01	6.62E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.20E+01	5.36E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.30E+01	4.43E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.40E+01	5.58E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.50E+01	5.35E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.60E+01	7.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.70E+01	3.58E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.80E+01	1.09E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.90E+01	8.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.00E+01	4.35E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.10E+01	6.17E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.20E+01	9.97E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.30E+01	5.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.40E+01	6.20E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.50E+01	6.37E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.60E+01	8.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.70E+01	9.81E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.80E+01	2.70E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
2.90E+01	2.46E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.00E+01	5.19E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.10E+01	9.99E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.20E+01	2.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.30E+01	4.80E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.40E+01	4.88E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.50E+01	7.05E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.60E+01	6.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.70E+01	2.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.80E+01	4.58E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
3.90E+01	3.23E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.00E+01	5.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.10E+01	7.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.20E+01	6.36E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.30E+01	8.12E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.40E+01	6.46E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.50E+01	6.68E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.60E+01	2.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.70E+01	2.21E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.80E+01	9.69E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
4.90E+01	6.14E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.00E+01	5.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.10E+01	6.58E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.20E+01	6.58E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.30E+01	5.62E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.40E+01	1.02E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.50E+01	8.13E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.60E+01	2.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.70E+01	2.87E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.80E+01	8.76E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
5.90E+01	5.23E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.44E+03
1.00E+00	7.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.00E+00	7.96E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.00E+00	1.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.00E+00	3.14E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.00E+00	9.42E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
6.00E+00	3.42E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
7.00E+00	6.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
8.00E+00	7.63E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
9.00E+00	8.07E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.00E+01	5.92E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.10E+01	5.11E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.20E+01	4.91E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.30E+01	2.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.40E+01	3.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.50E+01	6.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.60E+01	9.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.70E+01	3.58E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.80E+01	1.13E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.90E+01	8.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.00E+01	8.09E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.10E+01	7.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.20E+01	8.37E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.30E+01	5.40E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.40E+01	3.75E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.50E+01	6.19E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.60E+01	5.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.70E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.80E+01	6.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.90E+01	4.30E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.00E+01	3.39E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.10E+01	2.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.20E+01	4.81E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.30E+01	3.31E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.40E+01	6.81E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.50E+01	6.33E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.60E+01	6.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.70E+01	3.81E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.80E+01	4.84E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.90E+01	3.90E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.00E+01	5.04E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.10E+01	4.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.20E+01	5.68E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.30E+01	7.64E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.40E+01	5.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.50E+01	8.27E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.60E+01	3.70E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.70E+01	4.55E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.80E+01	7.71E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.90E+01	5.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.00E+01	6.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.10E+01	8.18E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.20E+01	8.18E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.30E+01	4.83E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.40E+01	8.52E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.50E+01	5.08E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.60E+01	2.09E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.70E+01	2.21E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.80E+01	2.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.90E+01	6.71E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.00E+00	4.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.00E+00	7.23E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.00E+00	1.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.00E+00	4.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.00E+00	8.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
6.00E+00	6.12E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
7.00E+00	3.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
8.00E+00	9.42E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
9.00E+00	7.57E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.00E+01	5.02E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.10E+01	6.99E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.20E+01	5.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.30E+01	5.88E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.40E+01	2.90E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.50E+01	7.05E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.60E+01	7.70E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.70E+01	2.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.80E+01	9.86E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.90E+01	7.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.00E+01	6.72E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.10E+01	6.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.20E+01	6.34E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.30E+01	3.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.40E+01	9.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.50E+01	7.18E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.60E+01	5.28E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.70E+01	7.78E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.80E+01	4.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
2.90E+01	3.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.00E+01	4.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.10E+01	2.70E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.20E+01	5.28E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.30E+01	4.10E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.40E+01	7.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.50E+01	9.19E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.60E+01	6.81E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.70E+01	4.93E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.80E+01	4.49E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
3.90E+01	3.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.00E+01	3.20E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.10E+01	8.51E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.20E+01	6.14E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.30E+01	7.07E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.40E+01	5.25E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.50E+01	5.88E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.60E+01	1.12E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.70E+01	2.30E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.80E+01	1.05E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
4.90E+01	6.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.00E+01	2.63E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.10E+01	5.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.20E+01	5.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.30E+01	6.58E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.40E+01	9.53E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.50E+01	2.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.60E+01	5.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.70E+01	2.26E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.80E+01	8.19E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
5.90E+01	6.09E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.43E+03
1.00E+00	1.02E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.00E+00	7.85E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.00E+00	6.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.00E+00	7.57E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.00E+00	9.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
6.00E+00	6.93E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
7.00E+00	9.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
8.00E+00	1.14E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
9.00E+00	7.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.00E+01	9.17E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.10E+01	8.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.20E+01	6.57E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.30E+01	8.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.40E+01	7.88E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.50E+01	9.25E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.60E+01	9.36E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.70E+01	9.31E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.80E+01	8.94E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.90E+01	8.98E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.00E+01	8.91E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.10E+01	8.13E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.20E+01	8.54E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.30E+01	1.15E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.40E+01	8.99E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.50E+01	9.37E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.60E+01	8.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.70E+01	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.80E+01	6.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.90E+01	8.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.00E+01	5.77E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.10E+01	7.79E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.20E+01	8.14E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.30E+01	7.26E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.40E+01	6.87E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.50E+01	7.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.60E+01	9.18E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.70E+01	6.97E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.80E+01	6.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.90E+01	6.66E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.00E+01	8.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.10E+01	7.56E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.20E+01	8.54E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.30E+01	7.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.40E+01	7.58E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.50E+01	9.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.60E+01	8.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.70E+01	5.56E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.80E+01	8.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.90E+01	9.53E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.00E+01	9.76E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.10E+01	9.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.20E+01	9.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.30E+01	9.33E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.40E+01	9.44E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.50E+01	7.56E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.60E+01	4.87E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.70E+01	7.71E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.80E+01	9.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.90E+01	7.60E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.00E+00	5.60E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.00E+00	1.05E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.00E+00	2.73E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.00E+00	5.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.00E+00	8.57E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
6.00E+00	8.71E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
7.00E+00	7.04E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
8.00E+00	8.61E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
9.00E+00	7.32E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.00E+01	7.13E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.10E+01	7.54E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.20E+01	6.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.30E+01	3.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.40E+01	3.49E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.50E+01	7.87E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.60E+01	7.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.70E+01	4.61E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.80E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.90E+01	8.78E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.00E+01	6.05E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.10E+01	7.93E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.20E+01	5.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.30E+01	7.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.40E+01	4.98E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.50E+01	6.99E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.60E+01	5.90E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.70E+01	9.27E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.80E+01	3.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
2.90E+01	2.82E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.00E+01	1.32E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.10E+01	1.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.20E+01	4.02E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.30E+01	5.68E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.40E+01	3.11E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.50E+01	5.25E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.60E+01	3.83E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.70E+01	4.36E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.80E+01	3.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
3.90E+01	2.07E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.00E+01	6.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.10E+01	1.13E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.20E+01	7.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.30E+01	4.73E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.40E+01	5.12E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.50E+01	9.29E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.60E+01	2.42E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.70E+01	3.38E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.80E+01	7.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
4.90E+01	6.17E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.00E+01	4.25E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.10E+01	8.03E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.20E+01	8.03E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.30E+01	6.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.40E+01	9.95E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.50E+01	2.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.60E+01	4.43E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.70E+01	2.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.80E+01	5.02E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
5.90E+01	9.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.89E+03
1.00E+00	7.07E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.00E+00	7.97E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.00E+00	4.92E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.00E+00	7.30E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.00E+00	8.99E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
6.00E+00	9.25E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
7.00E+00	9.14E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
8.00E+00	5.43E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
9.00E+00	7.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.00E+01	5.34E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.10E+01	7.27E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.20E+01	8.98E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.30E+01	8.74E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.40E+01	6.93E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.50E+01	8.97E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.60E+01	9.92E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.70E+01	8.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.80E+01	2.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.90E+01	8.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.00E+01	9.90E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.10E+01	8.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.20E+01	9.04E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.30E+01	7.07E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.40E+01	9.78E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.50E+01	7.58E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.60E+01	8.31E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.70E+01	9.45E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.80E+01	8.71E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.90E+01	7.90E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.00E+01	6.36E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.10E+01	7.55E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.20E+01	7.66E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.30E+01	5.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.40E+01	8.08E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.50E+01	7.80E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.60E+01	4.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.70E+01	6.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.80E+01	7.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.90E+01	8.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.00E+01	3.71E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.10E+01	5.05E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.20E+01	7.26E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.30E+01	8.15E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.40E+01	6.35E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.50E+01	8.37E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.60E+01	6.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.70E+01	8.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.80E+01	9.54E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.90E+01	1.02E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.00E+01	9.31E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.10E+01	9.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.20E+01	9.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.30E+01	7.34E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.40E+01	7.80E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.50E+01	6.01E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.60E+01	7.58E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.70E+01	7.79E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.80E+01	9.79E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.90E+01	1.03E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.00E+00	4.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.00E+00	6.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.00E+00	4.02E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.00E+00	3.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.00E+00	9.13E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
6.00E+00	4.14E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
7.00E+00	7.36E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
8.00E+00	7.63E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
9.00E+00	8.62E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.00E+01	6.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.10E+01	7.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.20E+01	5.21E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.30E+01	2.01E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.40E+01	3.04E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.50E+01	8.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.60E+01	6.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.70E+01	3.82E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.80E+01	9.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.90E+01	9.87E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.00E+01	7.04E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.10E+01	1.07E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.20E+01	8.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.30E+01	4.96E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.40E+01	2.71E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.50E+01	6.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.60E+01	5.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.70E+01	8.42E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.80E+01	5.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
2.90E+01	2.93E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.00E+01	6.04E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.10E+01	1.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.20E+01	5.04E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.30E+01	3.23E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.40E+01	5.55E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.50E+01	7.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.60E+01	6.69E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.70E+01	2.18E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.80E+01	2.76E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
3.90E+01	2.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.00E+01	3.32E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.10E+01	9.83E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.20E+01	5.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.30E+01	9.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.40E+01	7.40E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.50E+01	8.87E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.60E+01	1.30E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.70E+01	3.13E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.80E+01	9.60E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
4.90E+01	4.21E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.00E+01	3.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.10E+01	4.98E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.20E+01	4.98E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.30E+01	4.39E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.40E+01	8.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.50E+01	1.05E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.60E+01	3.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.70E+01	1.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.80E+01	8.71E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
5.90E+01	8.73E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.84E+03
1.00E+00	8.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.00E+00	8.34E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.00E+00	4.13E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.00E+00	7.32E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.00E+00	7.75E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
6.00E+00	7.61E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
7.00E+00	7.95E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
8.00E+00	7.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
9.00E+00	8.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.00E+01	8.71E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.10E+01	9.90E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.20E+01	7.39E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.30E+01	7.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.40E+01	5.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.50E+01	7.95E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.60E+01	6.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.70E+01	6.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.80E+01	9.96E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.90E+01	9.98E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.00E+01	8.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.10E+01	5.32E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.20E+01	9.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.30E+01	9.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.40E+01	6.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.50E+01	6.52E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.60E+01	6.81E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.70E+01	1.19E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.80E+01	7.57E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.90E+01	4.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.00E+01	4.84E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.10E+01	6.18E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.20E+01	6.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.30E+01	5.48E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.40E+01	7.17E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.50E+01	8.69E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.60E+01	6.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.70E+01	6.03E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.80E+01	7.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.90E+01	5.97E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.00E+01	6.73E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.10E+01	7.33E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.20E+01	7.13E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.30E+01	7.91E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.40E+01	8.38E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.50E+01	8.61E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.60E+01	7.75E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.70E+01	6.55E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.80E+01	6.68E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.90E+01	5.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.00E+01	6.77E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.10E+01	9.23E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.20E+01	9.23E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.30E+01	5.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.40E+01	7.45E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.50E+01	8.21E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.60E+01	6.68E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.70E+01	5.56E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.80E+01	7.97E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.90E+01	9.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.00E+00	6.86E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.00E+00	7.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.00E+00	4.05E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.00E+00	4.32E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.00E+00	6.09E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
6.00E+00	8.05E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
7.00E+00	4.18E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
8.00E+00	5.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
9.00E+00	1.02E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.00E+01	5.78E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.10E+01	8.01E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.20E+01	5.85E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.30E+01	3.04E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.40E+01	2.67E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.50E+01	6.39E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.60E+01	6.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.70E+01	2.38E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.80E+01	1.14E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.90E+01	9.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.00E+01	9.71E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.10E+01	6.94E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.20E+01	6.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.30E+01	6.12E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.40E+01	6.62E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.50E+01	7.45E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.60E+01	3.57E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.70E+01	6.94E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.80E+01	6.76E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
2.90E+01	4.13E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.00E+01	3.50E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.10E+01	9.02E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.20E+01	3.70E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.30E+01	4.04E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.40E+01	4.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.50E+01	7.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.60E+01	8.52E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.70E+01	3.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.80E+01	3.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
3.90E+01	4.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.00E+01	3.18E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.10E+01	8.39E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.20E+01	5.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.30E+01	6.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.40E+01	5.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.50E+01	5.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.60E+01	3.19E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.70E+01	1.24E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.80E+01	5.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
4.90E+01	3.21E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.00E+01	2.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.10E+01	7.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.20E+01	7.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.30E+01	8.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.40E+01	6.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.50E+01	5.13E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.60E+01	4.53E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.70E+01	1.50E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.80E+01	9.39E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
5.90E+01	6.04E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.79E+03
1.00E+00	5.93E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.00E+00	7.22E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.00E+00	3.59E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.00E+00	5.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.00E+00	6.66E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
6.00E+00	4.97E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
7.00E+00	7.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
8.00E+00	6.48E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
9.00E+00	9.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.00E+01	7.59E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.10E+01	7.61E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.20E+01	5.59E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.30E+01	6.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.40E+01	5.49E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.50E+01	5.81E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.60E+01	8.36E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.70E+01	4.21E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.80E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.90E+01	9.01E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.00E+01	7.71E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.10E+01	8.05E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.20E+01	7.22E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.30E+01	8.75E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.40E+01	5.32E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.50E+01	8.97E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.60E+01	7.32E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.70E+01	9.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.80E+01	5.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.90E+01	5.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.00E+01	3.53E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.10E+01	4.49E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.20E+01	4.81E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.30E+01	4.83E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.40E+01	6.51E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.50E+01	8.47E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.60E+01	5.49E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.70E+01	5.01E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.80E+01	6.03E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.90E+01	6.05E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.00E+01	4.30E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.10E+01	8.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.20E+01	5.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.30E+01	7.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.40E+01	5.30E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.50E+01	5.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.60E+01	6.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.70E+01	6.32E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.80E+01	4.75E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.90E+01	5.23E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.00E+01	3.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.10E+01	6.26E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.20E+01	6.26E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.30E+01	5.01E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.40E+01	9.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.50E+01	6.12E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.60E+01	5.38E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.70E+01	4.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.80E+01	6.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.90E+01	8.56E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.00E+00	5.88E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.00E+00	9.84E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.00E+00	1.07E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.00E+00	4.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.00E+00	7.88E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
6.00E+00	7.32E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
7.00E+00	4.25E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
8.00E+00	5.85E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
9.00E+00	6.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.00E+01	5.01E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.10E+01	6.58E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.20E+01	3.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.30E+01	3.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.40E+01	2.59E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.50E+01	7.37E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.60E+01	6.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.70E+01	5.82E-01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.80E+01	1.18E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.90E+01	9.08E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.00E+01	6.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.10E+01	7.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.20E+01	1.01E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.30E+01	6.78E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.40E+01	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.50E+01	7.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.60E+01	7.74E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.70E+01	9.17E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.80E+01	3.84E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
2.90E+01	4.49E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.00E+01	3.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.10E+01	4.31E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.20E+01	2.17E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.30E+01	4.92E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.40E+01	4.30E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.50E+01	7.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.60E+01	7.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.70E+01	1.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.80E+01	3.61E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
3.90E+01	4.22E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.00E+01	5.11E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.10E+01	1.09E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.20E+01	8.79E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.30E+01	1.06E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.40E+01	5.49E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.50E+01	9.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.60E+01	2.42E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.70E+01	1.60E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.80E+01	7.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
4.90E+01	3.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.00E+01	3.23E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.10E+01	6.09E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.20E+01	6.09E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.30E+01	8.58E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.40E+01	6.61E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.50E+01	8.74E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.60E+01	3.78E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.70E+01	1.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.80E+01	9.87E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
5.90E+01	8.70E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.74E+03
1.00E+00	4.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.00E+00	7.05E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.00E+00	3.49E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.00E+00	3.64E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.00E+00	7.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
6.00E+00	6.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
7.00E+00	6.33E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
8.00E+00	6.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
9.00E+00	9.74E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.00E+01	5.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.10E+01	5.13E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.20E+01	6.33E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.30E+01	5.37E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.40E+01	4.26E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.50E+01	9.82E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.60E+01	8.99E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.70E+01	3.48E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.80E+01	1.22E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.90E+01	6.21E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.00E+01	8.36E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.10E+01	6.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.20E+01	9.91E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.30E+01	7.32E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.40E+01	6.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.50E+01	6.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.60E+01	5.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.70E+01	7.96E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.80E+01	4.97E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.90E+01	2.17E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.00E+01	1.70E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.10E+01	3.91E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.20E+01	3.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.30E+01	3.46E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.40E+01	8.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.50E+01	6.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.60E+01	5.16E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.70E+01	3.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.80E+01	3.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.90E+01	7.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.00E+01	5.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.10E+01	5.36E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.20E+01	4.83E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.30E+01	7.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.40E+01	3.52E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.50E+01	7.96E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.60E+01	3.42E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.70E+01	5.71E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.80E+01	6.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.90E+01	6.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.00E+01	6.10E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.10E+01	9.08E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.20E+01	9.08E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.30E+01	6.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.40E+01	9.96E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.50E+01	3.41E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.60E+01	3.87E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.70E+01	3.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.80E+01	5.18E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.90E+01	1.04E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.00E+00	4.48E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.00E+00	8.81E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.00E+00	2.61E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.00E+00	5.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.00E+00	5.26E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
6.00E+00	5.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
7.00E+00	4.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
8.00E+00	8.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
9.00E+00	1.09E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.00E+01	4.24E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.10E+01	8.59E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.20E+01	4.05E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.30E+01	4.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.40E+01	2.13E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.50E+01	6.20E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.60E+01	6.63E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.70E+01	3.10E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.80E+01	1.13E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.90E+01	7.06E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.00E+01	8.12E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.10E+01	5.80E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.20E+01	7.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.30E+01	4.73E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.40E+01	8.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.50E+01	7.83E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.60E+01	4.08E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.70E+01	9.72E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.80E+01	4.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
2.90E+01	3.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.00E+01	1.52E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.10E+01	5.07E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.20E+01	5.63E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.30E+01	4.36E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.40E+01	8.34E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.50E+01	7.22E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.60E+01	5.56E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.70E+01	2.69E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.80E+01	5.10E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
3.90E+01	2.53E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.00E+01	5.62E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.10E+01	5.59E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.20E+01	5.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.30E+01	6.24E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.40E+01	4.55E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.50E+01	7.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.60E+01	2.42E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.70E+01	2.40E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.80E+01	9.05E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
4.90E+01	4.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.00E+01	3.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.10E+01	7.07E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.20E+01	7.07E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.30E+01	6.47E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.40E+01	7.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.50E+01	5.87E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.60E+01	4.58E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.70E+01	1.26E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.80E+01	8.93E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
5.90E+01	1.00E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.69E+03
1.00E+00	6.63E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.00E+00	9.26E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.00E+00	6.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.00E+00	7.76E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.00E+00	9.08E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
6.00E+00	7.58E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
7.00E+00	6.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
8.00E+00	7.49E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
9.00E+00	8.51E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.00E+01	7.25E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.10E+01	4.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.20E+01	9.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.30E+01	9.33E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.40E+01	9.07E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.50E+01	6.62E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.60E+01	8.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.70E+01	8.52E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.80E+01	1.01E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.90E+01	8.57E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.00E+01	7.83E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.10E+01	1.00E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.20E+01	6.24E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.30E+01	1.14E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.40E+01	9.27E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.50E+01	5.94E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.60E+01	7.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.70E+01	6.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.80E+01	6.89E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.90E+01	9.25E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.00E+01	9.46E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.10E+01	8.54E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.20E+01	4.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.30E+01	7.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.40E+01	9.44E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.50E+01	9.14E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.60E+01	1.05E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.70E+01	9.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.80E+01	9.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.90E+01	9.79E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.00E+01	1.06E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.10E+01	1.08E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.20E+01	9.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.30E+01	8.87E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.40E+01	8.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.50E+01	5.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.60E+01	5.39E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.70E+01	6.31E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.80E+01	6.97E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.90E+01	9.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.00E+01	8.90E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.10E+01	8.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.20E+01	8.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.30E+01	6.42E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.40E+01	9.90E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.50E+01	8.53E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.60E+01	8.44E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.70E+01	7.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.80E+01	7.74E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.90E+01	9.41E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.00E+00	6.24E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.00E+00	1.15E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.00E+00	4.42E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.00E+00	5.81E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.00E+00	8.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
6.00E+00	6.04E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
7.00E+00	6.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
8.00E+00	7.90E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
9.00E+00	9.11E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.00E+01	6.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.10E+01	9.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.20E+01	5.56E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.30E+01	3.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.40E+01	3.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.50E+01	6.94E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.60E+01	5.56E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.70E+01	4.88E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.80E+01	1.06E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.90E+01	6.34E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.00E+01	5.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.10E+01	5.40E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.20E+01	8.19E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.30E+01	8.63E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.40E+01	4.87E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.50E+01	7.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.60E+01	5.19E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.70E+01	9.25E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.80E+01	3.72E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
2.90E+01	3.42E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.00E+01	8.70E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.10E+01	1.16E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.20E+01	4.40E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.30E+01	7.22E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.40E+01	5.21E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.50E+01	7.68E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.60E+01	5.94E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.70E+01	7.53E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.80E+01	2.69E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
3.90E+01	3.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.00E+01	9.13E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.10E+01	8.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.20E+01	3.10E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.30E+01	5.18E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.40E+01	3.86E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.50E+01	8.08E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.60E+01	1.79E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.70E+01	2.03E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.80E+01	8.28E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
4.90E+01	3.24E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.00E+01	5.06E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.10E+01	4.34E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.20E+01	4.34E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.30E+01	9.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.40E+01	8.17E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.50E+01	6.91E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.60E+01	3.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.70E+01	1.14E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.80E+01	4.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
5.90E+01	9.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.29E+03
1.00E+00	7.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.00E+00	9.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.00E+00	5.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.00E+00	7.02E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.00E+00	6.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
6.00E+00	7.34E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
7.00E+00	1.10E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
8.00E+00	9.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
9.00E+00	9.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.00E+01	6.43E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.10E+01	9.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.20E+01	9.20E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.30E+01	6.55E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.40E+01	8.06E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.50E+01	7.94E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.60E+01	9.74E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.70E+01	8.94E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.80E+01	8.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.90E+01	9.22E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.00E+01	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.10E+01	9.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.20E+01	7.87E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.30E+01	8.92E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.40E+01	6.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.50E+01	1.04E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.60E+01	8.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.70E+01	7.71E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.80E+01	8.88E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.90E+01	6.22E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.00E+01	6.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.10E+01	6.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.20E+01	1.00E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.30E+01	8.54E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.40E+01	7.92E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.50E+01	8.59E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.60E+01	7.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.70E+01	7.08E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.80E+01	5.91E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.90E+01	8.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.00E+01	7.05E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.10E+01	8.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.20E+01	8.48E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.30E+01	9.58E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.40E+01	5.91E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.50E+01	9.20E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.60E+01	9.17E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.70E+01	8.53E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.80E+01	6.37E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.90E+01	7.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.00E+01	1.13E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.10E+01	9.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.20E+01	9.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.30E+01	7.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.40E+01	8.64E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.50E+01	6.65E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.60E+01	4.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.70E+01	7.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.80E+01	8.63E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.90E+01	8.66E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.00E+00	8.26E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.00E+00	9.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.00E+00	2.09E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.00E+00	3.71E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.00E+00	7.92E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
6.00E+00	6.90E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
7.00E+00	6.24E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
8.00E+00	5.67E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
9.00E+00	7.89E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.00E+01	4.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.10E+01	7.93E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.20E+01	7.80E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.30E+01	2.59E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.40E+01	2.49E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.50E+01	7.36E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.60E+01	5.07E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.70E+01	4.67E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.80E+01	1.18E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.90E+01	9.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.00E+01	9.19E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.10E+01	8.82E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.20E+01	8.50E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.30E+01	5.01E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.40E+01	4.10E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.50E+01	8.08E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.60E+01	3.65E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.70E+01	8.12E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.80E+01	3.54E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
2.90E+01	2.46E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.00E+01	1.24E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.10E+01	1.17E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.20E+01	3.63E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.30E+01	4.28E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.40E+01	4.49E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.50E+01	6.88E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.60E+01	5.89E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.70E+01	1.70E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.80E+01	1.56E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
3.90E+01	3.66E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.00E+01	2.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.10E+01	7.43E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.20E+01	7.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.30E+01	5.64E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.40E+01	3.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.50E+01	8.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.60E+01	2.19E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.70E+01	1.84E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.80E+01	6.87E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
4.90E+01	2.63E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.00E+01	4.04E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.10E+01	3.67E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.20E+01	3.67E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.30E+01	6.99E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.40E+01	9.10E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.50E+01	5.55E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.60E+01	3.83E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.70E+01	1.35E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.80E+01	4.88E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
5.90E+01	6.73E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.21E+03
1.00E+00	6.62E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.00E+00	7.40E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.00E+00	5.79E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.00E+00	6.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.00E+00	7.94E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
6.00E+00	6.62E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
7.00E+00	4.43E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
8.00E+00	8.22E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
9.00E+00	8.37E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.00E+01	3.60E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.10E+01	8.55E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.20E+01	9.11E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.30E+01	4.44E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.40E+01	6.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.50E+01	8.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.60E+01	7.73E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.70E+01	6.74E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.80E+01	8.47E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.90E+01	8.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.00E+01	6.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.10E+01	5.35E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.20E+01	9.50E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.30E+01	7.53E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.40E+01	6.08E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.50E+01	5.36E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.60E+01	4.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.70E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.80E+01	6.84E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.90E+01	7.26E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.00E+01	7.86E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.10E+01	5.09E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.20E+01	8.38E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.30E+01	5.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.40E+01	8.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.50E+01	7.64E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.60E+01	7.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.70E+01	5.88E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.80E+01	6.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.90E+01	8.76E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.00E+01	6.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.10E+01	6.50E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.20E+01	5.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.30E+01	8.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.40E+01	6.80E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.50E+01	7.38E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.60E+01	4.52E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.70E+01	9.16E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.80E+01	7.84E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.90E+01	6.19E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.00E+01	8.16E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.10E+01	6.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.20E+01	6.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.30E+01	6.21E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.40E+01	1.15E+01	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.50E+01	8.78E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.60E+01	7.36E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.70E+01	5.08E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.80E+01	7.73E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.90E+01	8.05E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.00E+00	3.94E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.00E+00	7.98E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.00E+00	4.25E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.00E+00	3.22E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.00E+00	1.00E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
6.00E+00	9.55E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
7.00E+00	4.17E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
8.00E+00	6.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
9.00E+00	8.46E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.00E+01	4.17E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.10E+01	6.68E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.20E+01	6.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.30E+01	3.99E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.40E+01	2.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.50E+01	8.39E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.60E+01	7.21E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.70E+01	1.62E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.80E+01	1.18E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.90E+01	1.06E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.00E+01	6.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.10E+01	7.48E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.20E+01	9.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.30E+01	7.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.40E+01	7.43E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.50E+01	7.41E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.60E+01	5.45E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.70E+01	8.53E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.80E+01	3.85E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
2.90E+01	6.69E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.00E+01	1.07E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.10E+01	4.31E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.20E+01	2.85E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.30E+01	3.33E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.40E+01	5.04E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.50E+01	7.19E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.60E+01	4.55E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.70E+01	4.15E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.80E+01	2.40E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
3.90E+01	2.53E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.00E+01	4.77E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.10E+01	1.00E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.20E+01	6.23E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.30E+01	6.25E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.40E+01	4.14E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.50E+01	7.37E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.60E+01	9.82E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.70E+01	2.31E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.80E+01	8.35E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
4.90E+01	3.65E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.00E+01	3.05E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.10E+01	2.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.20E+01	2.27E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.30E+01	6.30E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.40E+01	1.05E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.50E+01	7.61E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.60E+01	3.17E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.70E+01	9.01E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.80E+01	8.28E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
5.90E+01	8.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.12E+03
1.00E+00	7.16E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.00E+00	8.11E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.00E+00	2.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.00E+00	5.16E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.00E+00	8.56E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
6.00E+00	5.80E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
7.00E+00	6.65E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
8.00E+00	6.41E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
9.00E+00	9.07E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.00E+01	6.43E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.10E+01	6.67E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.20E+01	5.16E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.30E+01	5.47E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.40E+01	3.25E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.50E+01	9.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.60E+01	8.58E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.70E+01	3.36E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.80E+01	1.14E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.90E+01	6.30E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.00E+01	6.79E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.10E+01	8.92E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.20E+01	8.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.30E+01	6.46E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.40E+01	7.07E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.50E+01	1.03E+01	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.60E+01	8.17E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.70E+01	6.49E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.80E+01	5.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.90E+01	5.87E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.00E+01	6.11E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.10E+01	5.28E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.20E+01	6.29E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.30E+01	5.65E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.40E+01	7.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.50E+01	8.84E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.60E+01	4.83E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.70E+01	3.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.80E+01	7.66E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.90E+01	8.02E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.00E+01	4.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.10E+01	7.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.20E+01	6.56E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.30E+01	8.68E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.40E+01	7.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.50E+01	5.95E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.60E+01	3.93E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.70E+01	7.38E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.80E+01	5.94E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.90E+01	8.96E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.00E+01	5.30E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.10E+01	8.21E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.20E+01	8.21E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.30E+01	7.16E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.40E+01	6.11E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.50E+01	4.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.60E+01	4.45E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.70E+01	5.38E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.80E+01	8.37E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.90E+01	8.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.00E+00	5.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.00E+00	9.03E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.00E+00	2.81E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.00E+00	3.96E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.00E+00	9.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
6.00E+00	7.21E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
7.00E+00	3.37E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
8.00E+00	3.91E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
9.00E+00	6.29E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.00E+01	5.13E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.10E+01	5.18E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.20E+01	4.00E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.30E+01	2.47E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.40E+01	1.06E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.50E+01	7.79E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.60E+01	2.16E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.70E+01	2.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.80E+01	1.17E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.90E+01	7.58E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.00E+01	4.73E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.10E+01	8.37E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.20E+01	8.14E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.30E+01	7.81E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.40E+01	4.39E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.50E+01	6.38E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.60E+01	5.27E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.70E+01	4.19E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.80E+01	2.01E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
2.90E+01	2.66E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.00E+01	1.62E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.10E+01	1.99E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.20E+01	4.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.30E+01	2.51E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.40E+01	5.34E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.50E+01	4.44E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.60E+01	8.39E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.70E+01	2.54E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.80E+01	2.07E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
3.90E+01	4.30E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.00E+01	7.70E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.10E+01	7.15E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.20E+01	5.50E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.30E+01	5.73E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.40E+01	5.10E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.50E+01	9.24E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.60E+01	2.83E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.70E+01	9.01E-01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.80E+01	5.93E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
4.90E+01	3.50E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.00E+01	3.57E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.10E+01	6.85E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.20E+01	6.85E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.30E+01	8.95E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.40E+01	1.10E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.50E+01	5.26E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.60E+01	2.68E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.70E+01	1.98E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.80E+01	7.62E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
5.90E+01	5.80E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.04E+03
1.00E+00	5.99E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.00E+00	6.86E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.00E+00	3.17E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.00E+00	3.56E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.00E+00	7.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
6.00E+00	5.14E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
7.00E+00	7.69E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
8.00E+00	8.78E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
9.00E+00	8.06E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.00E+01	5.72E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.10E+01	6.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.20E+01	6.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.30E+01	3.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.40E+01	4.37E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.50E+01	6.77E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.60E+01	6.31E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.70E+01	4.28E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.80E+01	9.01E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.90E+01	9.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.00E+01	5.03E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.10E+01	6.75E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.20E+01	9.10E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.30E+01	7.61E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.40E+01	5.12E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.50E+01	7.43E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.60E+01	7.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.70E+01	9.27E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.80E+01	4.18E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.90E+01	2.68E+00	1.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.00E+01	6.07E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.10E+01	3.35E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.20E+01	5.26E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.30E+01	3.63E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.40E+01	6.81E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.50E+01	7.77E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.60E+01	5.89E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.70E+01	2.53E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.80E+01	5.62E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.90E+01	3.34E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.00E+01	6.85E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.10E+01	6.70E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.20E+01	7.25E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.30E+01	7.46E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.40E+01	7.06E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.50E+01	5.46E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.60E+01	6.24E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.70E+01	4.63E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.80E+01	7.81E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.90E+01	5.23E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.00E+01	5.67E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.10E+01	6.82E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.20E+01	6.82E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.30E+01	6.72E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.40E+01	8.31E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.50E+01	4.98E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.60E+01	3.57E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.70E+01	3.23E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.80E+01	6.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.90E+01	8.77E+00	2.00E+00	1.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.00E+00	6.87E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.00E+00	7.15E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.00E+00	2.38E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.00E+00	3.37E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.00E+00	9.22E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
6.00E+00	6.48E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
7.00E+00	6.48E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
8.00E+00	6.31E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
9.00E+00	7.77E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.00E+01	5.33E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.10E+01	6.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.20E+01	5.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.30E+01	2.78E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.40E+01	2.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.50E+01	9.39E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.60E+01	6.36E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.70E+01	3.37E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.80E+01	9.95E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
1.90E+01	8.57E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.00E+01	8.65E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.10E+01	5.02E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.20E+01	8.70E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.30E+01	6.25E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.40E+01	5.30E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.50E+01	6.80E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.60E+01	4.92E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.70E+01	1.10E+01	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.80E+01	3.96E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
2.90E+01	1.93E+00	1.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.00E+01	2.81E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.10E+01	1.28E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.20E+01	3.73E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.30E+01	2.90E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.40E+01	5.53E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.50E+01	7.74E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.60E+01	9.14E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.70E+01	4.97E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.80E+01	3.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
3.90E+01	4.97E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.00E+01	4.48E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.10E+01	1.18E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.20E+01	4.93E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.30E+01	5.82E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.40E+01	3.00E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.50E+01	8.26E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.60E+01	1.13E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.70E+01	1.96E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.80E+01	7.79E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
4.90E+01	2.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.00E+01	3.57E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.10E+01	5.83E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.20E+01	5.83E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.30E+01	5.41E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.40E+01	1.06E+01	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.50E+01	6.98E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.60E+01	3.75E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.70E+01	1.55E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.80E+01	6.71E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03
5.90E+01	8.01E+00	2.00E+00	2.00E+00	1.95E+03

Thank you!

Kazumi Maniwa
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Linguistics Department
University of Konstanz

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