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David Winsemius dwinsemius at comcast.net
Sun Dec 23 23:49:33 CET 2007

Jiaming Zuo <zuoj at un.org> wrote in
news:OFBE2AD317.965FAC01-ON852573B6.0067196D-852573B6.00671F96 at un.org: 

>     I am working for the United Nations to construct a complete life
>     table 
> from an abridged table. 
>     I want to use the code of Hydman Filter by Rob J Hydman but an
>     error 
> sentence always appears and it simply doesn't run--
>        source("C:/R/Jamie/HymanFilter.R")

Considering that the last name of the person with the most publications 
in this area is "Hyndman" (and is author of the R packages, deomgraphy 
and forecasting), I am wondering if the problem is simply spelling.

>        Error in .C("spline_coef", method = as.integer(method), n = nx,
>        x = 
> x,  : C symbol name "spline_coef" not in DLL for package "base"
>     Can you please tell me what's the problem?

David Winsemius

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