[R] unit attribute to list elements

baptiste Auguié ba208 at exeter.ac.uk
Fri Dec 28 20:33:02 CET 2007


I've started my own (first) package, part of which consists in  
listing common physical constants (Planck's constant, the speed of  
light in vacuum, etc). I'm wondering what would be a good way of  
dealing with pairs of value/unit.

> constants <- list( cel = 2.99792458e8 , #m/s
> Z0 = 376.730313461, #ohm
> eps0 = 8.854187817e-12,#F/m
> mu0 = 4*pi*1e-7,#N/A^2
> G = 6.67428e-11 # m^3 kg-1 s-2
> )

I thought I could include the unit in the names attribute of each  
element, as in :

> names(constants$cel)<- " speed of light in vacuum [m.s^-1]"

Writing this for every element is very redundant... Is there any way  
to access and set the name of each first level element of the list?

> namesFirstLevelElements(constants)<- c(" speed of light in vacuum  
> [m.s^-1]",
> "impedance of vacuum [some unit]",
> ...)

Quite possibly, I'm completely on the wring track;

- maybe such a package already exists

- a custom class or structure would be more appropriate? I don't  
really know how to deal with classes, though, and I'd like to keep  
the access to the constants' values as direct and generic as possible.

Many thanks in advance,



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