[R] plot.augPred with grouping factors

Dan Bebber danbebber at forestecology.co.uk
Sun Dec 30 11:14:27 CET 2007

I fitted the following model:
dgr.lme2 <- lme(Average ~ poly(Time, 2) * Treatment, random = ~1|Replicate,
data = dgr, correlation = corAR1(), method = "ML")

I plotted the data in separate panels for each Treatment:
xyplot(Average ~ Time|Treatment, groups = Replicate, data = dgr, type =
c("p","l"), ylab = expression(paste(Delta, G)))

I would now like to overlay the population-level predictions from dgr.lme2
onto each Treatment-level panel.

How can I tell plot.augPred to do this? Or do I need a bespoke panel
(plot.augPred gives panels for each Replicate by default)

Many thanks,
Dan Bebber

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