[R] mathematical symbols in plots

Sebastian Weber sebastian.weber at physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Jan 3 16:36:51 CET 2007

Hello everyone!

I'm trying to plot some mathematical expression along my axis, but
demo(plotmath) did not have the symbol I was looking for. In particular,
I would like to denote the mean of an observable by writing


which I tried to enter with

expression(group("<", k, ">"))

However, my naive try doesn't work and the help doesn't want to tell me,
does someone know?

And here another one: How can I sepcify which fonts get used with which
R prints those mathematical symbols? Since I finally include my plots in
latex-documents as eps, I would love to use the same font-encoding for
all postscript stuff. A problem in the past has been, that R embedded
it's own font within the ps-files generated. These were not compatible
with the fonts used at the magazine where I published my document. This
lead to quite some confusion as \gamma became g and so on. Any solution
to this problem? Any hint? As I'm not too much into font-encoding, I
have actually no real clue where to even start searching.

Thank you very much for any help.


Sebastian Weber

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