[R] R grahics: Save as hangs computer

karl.sommer at dpi.vic.gov.au karl.sommer at dpi.vic.gov.au
Wed Jan 3 23:30:48 CET 2007

Hello list,

I have encountered a problem trying to save graphs using the R-graphics
menu:  File|Save as.  The menu suggests that files may be saved as either
Metafile, Postscript, pdf, png, bmp, jpeg.
When I specify any of those file formats a menu comes up requesting a file
name.  After providing a name R invariably hangs and has to be restarted.

I am able to save files under the various formats using the command line
without problems.  However, sometimes it would be convenient to use the

I was wondering if anyone else had encountered a similar behaviour and had
found a remedy.

I am running are under GNU-Emacs ESS 5.3.3.

> sessionInfo()
Version 2.3.0 (2006-04-24)

attached base packages:
[1] "methods"   "stats"     "graphics"  "grDevices" "utils"     "datasets"
[7] "base"

other attached packages:



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