[R] Help re zinb model

Philippe Lacherez lacher at psy.uq.edu.au
Thu Jan 4 03:35:01 CET 2007

Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help with a problem I have. I want to do a 
zero-inflated negative binomial model on some count data.  I have found 
how to get the model (using zicounts), and the test of each predictor on 
both the negative binomial and zero-inflated parts of the distribution. 
Can anyone tell me how I can also get an omnibus test of significance for 
the fit of the model?  Stata I think gives a likelihood ratio chi-square 
test of the full versus null model for the zinb model.  Is there a way to 
get this in R?  Alternatively, is there a way I use the deviance, or 
maximum likelihood value to derive this?

Philippe Lacherez

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