[R] outsourcing R work

damjan.krstajic at rcc.org.yu damjan.krstajic at rcc.org.yu
Fri Jan 5 12:54:38 CET 2007

Dear Colleagues,

If you have a need to outsource any coding in R please check the web site
of the Research Centre for Cheminformatics in Belgrade, Serbia
http://www.rcc.org.yu . We have skilled statisticians experienced in R,
fluent in English and with work experience in the West.

For more information please check our website
http://www.rcc.org.yu/outsourcing.htm or contact me.

Kind regards,
Damjan Krstajic
Research Centre for Cheminformatics
e-mail: Damjan.Krstajic at rcc.org.yu

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