[R] scripts with littler

John Lawrence Aspden news at aspden.com
Tue Jan 9 16:22:19 CET 2007

Guys, thanks very much for your help. Rscript looks great and I'll look
forward to it.

The /usr/bin/env thing seems to be a general difficulty with the mechanism.
One's first thought has to be to modify env to parse and then pass the
arguments in the expected way (maybe #!/usr/bin/env2?), and of course one's
second is that this must already have been done...

An S of TFW produces 'Citizens for a better env', but this isn't as hopeful
as it sounds.

I'm actually tempted to use

#!/usr/bin/env r

as the first two lines of every script, rather than messing about trying to
pass options.

Cheers, John.

Contractor in Cambridge UK -- http://www.aspden.com

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