[R] Meeting announcement: An Introduction to Data Analysis Using R

Paul Mathews pmathews at apk.net
Wed Jan 10 19:57:20 CET 2007

*An Introduction to Data Analysis Using R*
by Paul Mathews
for The Quality Managers Network, Lakeland Community College, Kirtland, Ohio
26 January 2007, 7:30-9:00 AM, Room T136.

R is free software used for graphical and statistical data analysis that 
can be downloaded from the Internet. Because R code is written and 
shared by many people around the world, it has a tremendous range of 
capabilities. Consequently, most graphical and statistical methods that 
have been implemented in any commercially-available statistical software 
package have been implemented in R.

Paul Mathews will present an introduction to data analysis using R 
  * How to obtain and install R and R packages.
  * How to access limited R functions from the R Commander GUI package.
  * How to enter your data into R.
  * How to graph your data.
  * How to perform basic statistical analyses.
  * How to analyze designed experiments.
  * How to save your work.
  * How to learn more about R.

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