[R] Making TIFF images with rtiff

Chuck Cleland ccleland at optonline.net
Fri Jan 12 17:17:53 CET 2007

Peter Dalgaard wrote:
> Inman, Brant A. M.D. wrote:
>> Thank you Peter Dalgaard.
>> When I open a DOS box and type gswin32c, I do indeed get an error message saying that it can't find the program.  I edited the Windows system environmental variable "Path" and the user environmental variable "PATH" (wasn't sure which to edit), to contain the follwing after a semicolon "C:\Program Files\gs\gs8.54\bin\". This effectively fixed the Dos box problem. I now get a GS prompt when I type gswin32c.
>> When I restart R and use the following code, I no longer get an error message.
>> --------
>>> attach(cars)
>>> bitmap(file='C:\\Documents and Settings\\m007704\\Desktop\\test.tif',
>> + type = "tifflzw", res = 1200)
>>> plot(speed ~ dist)	
>> --------
>> Alas, if it was only that easy!  When I look on my desktop (to which the file address above correctly refers to), there is no image file of any sort to be found. Any ideas as to what I am doing wrong?
> Hmmm.... You may be missing a final dev.off() or/and you need the
> space-free version of "Documents and Settings" (dir/x c:\). Beyond that,
> I'm out of ideas -- I don't use Windows all that often.

  I'm on WinXP Pro and the following puts test.tif on the Desktop for me:

bitmap(file='C:\\DOCUME~1\\CHARLE~1\\Desktop\\test.tif', type =
"tifflzw", res = 1200)
plot(speed ~ dist)

  It does not work with spaces in the path.

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