[R] Making TIFF images with rtiff

Chris Evans chris at psyctc.org
Fri Jan 12 12:08:33 CET 2007

Prof Brian Ripley sent the following  at 12/01/2007 08:07:
> Let us be clear that TIFF is not a format, it is a collection of formats 
... snip ...

> [I don't recall anyone ever writing to thank us for the
> PNG or JPEG or bitmap drivers, and lack of appreciation does play a part.]

... rest snipped ...

I hope I'm not going to turn out to be one a deluge of people now who
hit the list with this but, I think you have a real point there.  I
sometimes wince at the tartness of some responses on this list but I owe
you and many other people a completely unredeemable debt both for R
itself including all its drivers, libraries, extraordinary portability,
etc., etc. _AND_ for the fantastic quality of the advice that is given
away daily here.

If it's any consolation, I've started offering workshops to conferences
in my own area to introduce novices away from SPSS and other packages (I
loved SAS for a long time) and onto R.  Trouble is, if I succeed,
that'll probably only increase the rate of feature requests and
questions here.

Perhaps the sheer unredeemable nature of the debt to you all is part of
what makes us quiet.

Cheers all,


P.S. as ever, really helpful information re TIFFs confirming things I
utterly failed to convince a printers and a subeditor about last year,
fortunately the editor was a friend and we ended up getting the paper
accepted with PS graphics as files!

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