[R] graph results of logistic regression

mcarr052 at uottawa.ca mcarr052 at uottawa.ca
Sat Jan 13 21:37:18 CET 2007

I would like to graphically represent the results from a matched-pairs
logistic regression. I am looking to represent each variable seperately in
a graph, displaying the probability of selection for each. My study is
looking at habitat selection in turtles so I am comparing habitat
variables to turtle locations compared to paired random points
(differences in habitat).

Consulting previous questions in R help archives I found a somewhat
similar request in september of 2005.
A response suggested some representation ideas using R code in a Bulletin
of the ESA 
(with a correction included in Erratum from volume 86(2)
As explained the code only tries to “efficiently” represent raw data in
the traditional logistic plot that most ecologist are familiar with.
However the code which is plot.logi.hist is not recognized when I tried
and I could not find it in any of the packages. I am wondering how to run
this code (ie- which package it might be in).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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