[R] Problem with pdf, png, jpeg devices and files named CON on Window s

Brandt, T. (Tobias) TobiasBr at Taquanta.com
Mon Jan 15 11:05:15 CET 2007

I cannot seem to create any files that have the name "CON" before the file
extension, i.e. all of the following fail:
> pdf("CON.pdf")
Error in pdf("CON.pdf") : unable to start device pdf
> jpeg('CON.jpeg')
Error in jpeg("CON.jpeg") : unable to start device devWindows
> png('CON.png')
Error in png("CON.png") : unable to start device devWindows
> sink('CON.txt')
Error in file(file, ifelse(append, "a", "w")) : 
        unable to open connection

Any filename other than this works fine.
> png('ICON.png')
> dev.off()
null device 
> png('CON1.png')
> dev.off()
null device 
> sink('log.txt')
> sink()

Remembering that in the old DOS days, commands like 'copy CON myfile.bat'
were common, I suspected that this has something to do with CON being a
reserved word so I tried to create the files manually in Windows explorer.
Creating files named 'CON.png', 'CON.pdf', 'CON.txt' all work fine. However
I did notice that Windows won't let me create a file named just "CON".
However since the devices that I'm trying to create have extensions, I don't
understand why they fail.  
Who can help?
> version
platform       i386-pc-mingw32           
arch           i386                      
os             mingw32                   
system         i386, mingw32             
major          2                         
minor          3.1                       
year           2006                      
month          06                        
day            01                        
svn rev        38247                     
language       R                         
version.string Version 2.3.1 (2006-06-01)

> Sys.info()
                      sysname                       release
version                      nodename 
                    "Windows"                      "NT 5.1" "(build 2600)
Service Pack 2"            
                      machine                         login

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