[R] How to format R code in LaTex documents

Michael Dewey info at aghmed.fsnet.co.uk
Tue Jan 16 18:13:24 CET 2007

At 14:12 15/01/2007, Frank E Harrell Jr wrote:
>Benjamin Dickgiesser wrote:
>>I am planning on putting some R script in an appendix of a LaTex
>>document. Can anyone recommend me a way of how to format it? Is there
>>a way to keep all line breaks without having to insert \\ in every
>>single line?
>>Thank you!
>Here's one way and I would appreciate anyone's 
>improvements.  I've also included solutions from 
>two others.  Please let me know what you decide to use.  -Frank

Some interesting ideas below so just to add that 
I find I often have to use the linewidth 
parameter to avoid lines wrapping. This is 
valuable if you are also going to include bits of 
R output as well (you can control the width of 
your own code fragments of course).

>  showstringspaces=false,%
>  xleftmargin=4ex,literate={<-}{{$\leftarrow$}}1 {~}{{$\sim$}}1}
>\lstset{escapeinside={(*}{*)}}   % for (*\ref{ }*) inside lstlistings (S code)
>. . .
>. . . S code . . .
>The following code was provided by Vincent Goulet:
>listings is a great package to highlight R keywords and comments and --- that
>was my main use of the package --- index those keywords. I found that I had
>to slightly redefine the list of keywords included in listings. I still did
>not take the time to submit a patch to the author, though...
>In any case, here's what I use, if it can be of any help to anyone:
>   morekeywords={acf,ar,arima,arima.sim,colMeans,colSums,is.na,is.null,%
>     mapply,ms,na.rm,nlmin,replicate,row.names,rowMeans,rowSums,seasonal,%
>     sys.time,system.time,ts.plot,which.max,which.min},
>   deletekeywords={c},
>   alsoletter={.\%},%
>   alsoother={:_\$}}
>   basicstyle=\small\ttfamily,
>   commentstyle=\textsl,
>   keywordstyle=\mdseries,
>   showstringspaces=false,
>   index=[1][keywords],
>   indexstyle=\indexfonction}
>   \newcommand{\indexfonction}[1]{\index{#1@\texttt{#1}}}
>-- Vincent Goulet, Associate Professor École 
>d'actuariat Université Laval, Québec 
>Vincent.Goulet at act.ulaval.ca http://vgoulet.act.ulaval.ca
>Anupam Tyagi provided the following:
>Somethings .....
>\lstset{% general command to set parameter(s)
>basicstyle=\small, % print whole in small
>stringstyle=\ttfamily, % typewriter type for strings
>numbers=left, % numbers on the left
>numberstyle=\tiny, % Tiny numbers
>stepnumber=2, % number every second line of code
>numbersep=5pt, % 5pt seperation between numbering and code listing
>language=R }

Michael Dewey

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